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Hey guys, I'm working on an rpg named Shadows of Adam. The art style is meant to be reminiscent of classic snes rpgs while also embracing modern day aesthetics and the evolution of pixel art. I will use this thread to track my progress throughout the project and to post WIPs of things I'm currently working on related to this game.

Cyangmou has worked with us producing our tile sets and establishing the 32 color palette. I've worked on most of the remaining assets. Recently Dragon Emperor (-DE-) has joined the team and will be assisting with background and animations primarily. Below are a number of shots from the game. Feedback is appreciated!

Screen Shots (tiles by Cyangmou, sprites by me)

Battle Backgrounds (first bg done by me, the rest are done by Dragon Emperor)

If you are interested in keeping up to date on the game, follow our devblog or you can follow us on twitter or facebook:
Something Classic on Facebook

Pixel Art Feature Chest / GR#006 - Game Artin - Faces
« on: March 17, 2009, 08:59:39 pm »
So my latest task at work is pretty immense, to say the least; not only I am reskinning an entire game in a month's time (2, if you count a month of "pre-production"), but this game is also our most succesful franchise, and it currently features some nicely done non-pixel art graphics. What it all amounts to is a demand for expeditious work of extraordinary quality. Definitely not an easy task. So those who've read thus far, I ask you to join me in this one-month endeavor. To stifle any leaks, I'm not going to mention the name of this game series, but if you happen to know what it is, please don't implicate it.

So, with that being said, allow me to introduce what I have done, and give you an idea of what lies ahead.

Mockup With All Assets Together

The first bit is the in-game ui. I took some advice and replaced the end turn button with a more consistent font. It's an actual font, because we need a decorative and scaleable font for other aspects of the game.

This is the in-game map. Everything but the ore tile (left of the mountain) has been signed off on. These are just the starter tiles, from which variants will be made, but I think that I'm going to try and rework some of the tiles completely. Things that strike me as off are: the rough patches in the grass, the two-dimensionality of the hills, the sparseness of the forest, and the sharpness of the sea tile waves. Although I think that last one could be alleviated when animation is introduced. Anyways, I won't be touching the tileset anytime super soon, but the tile dimensions are 56x56 and allow for vertical overlap, in case anybody wanted to know.

These are the units in the game. In all there are over 20 different units. Right now I'm just getting the side-facing of each design signed off on. The Warmachine, condor, albatross, raptor, jammer truck and infantry are all okayed at this point. But improvements are never really frowned upon. The stealth tank will eventually be an edited version of the scorpion tank, so it's blacked out for now. My weakness seems to be related to tanks and tank-like vehicles. While none of the units are really bad, the scorpion tank and the flak tank fail to stand out as anything special. The rocket truck will probably be getting the empty right triangle of space between it and the truck filled with something similar to that on the jammer truck.

Finally, we have avatars. These will be displayed prominantly in the game and will be the primary source of residual income; through the purchase of different accessories, clothing and other such things related to individualization. Because of their prominence, both game and success-wise, it should be evident that it's very important for me to get these right. Both have been signed off on, but I am not happy enough with how either have turned out. A lack of proper anatomy knowledge is a key culprit, and my combining that with a general anime style further hurts it. With that being said, it's important to note that these were signed off on, and my boss quite adores the female base, so any changes you might suggest need to stay within the bounds of what there is, or markedly improve the images enough to go outside those bounds.

So that's everything as of now. Keep checking regularly, as the updates for this topic should be coming almost daily.


I'm remaking some old icons I did for somebody ages ago, for my own benefit, and these are the results thus far. These make up about 1/3 of all the icons/items I plan on redoing.

Eventually I'll be putting them up on a site that's an off-shoot of our company which focuses on game design, and helping developers out in whatever ways we can. Offering up quality free resources is just one of those ways.

c&c appreciated as always! And I'll be sure to update this topic as milestones are reached. :)

Occassionally I like to browse through ROempire's gallery of monster sprites for inspiration or reference. I did such a thing yesterday and came across some hideous sprite work. Of course it's not terrible but compared to the rest of Ragnarok's sprites it is.

Allow me to introduce you to the Archdamon. I think that's its name anyways. While the work in general isn't too shoddy, the animation really is. I'm pretty sure that somebody else made the base sprite and then the job was handed over to somebody else to finish it up. Everything is extraordinarily amateur and depreciates the quality of the sprite greatly. Simple pixel shifting, crappy rotation, scribbled in effects and hideous red overlays are the culprits here.

It's sprites like this one that originally inspired me to work hard as a pixel artist. There is so much character, technique, and skill involved that I've set quality like this as my benchmark goal some odd years ago. In some ways I've surpassed that goal and in others I have not but, a goal it will most likely remain.

So, the point of this here message; do you appreciate Ragnarok's sprites? Does it discourage you knowing that Gravity is letting crap like the Archdamon through? Ragnarok online has been around forever and a sequel is in the makes, I think. It will be 3D if it's made, so I don't really care but, I believe sprites like the Archdamon hint at the end of Gravity caring about this beautifully pixeled, otherwise crappy, game. Thoughts?

I decided that I probably need a dump topic. I don't really make stuff all that often but, it's not a bad idea to have one place to go when I've got something finished to post.

Remake of Little Nemo for nes for the weekly challenge at pixel joint. Uses 9 colors from the nes palette, otherwise no restrictions were followed.

General Discussion / Buying a new monitor
« on: August 08, 2007, 04:20:24 pm »
I'm going to die from all of these

"lacks contrast"

crits so- I'm going to buy a new monitor. It's either that or a spectrometer and I'd rather not buy a spectrometer for a crappy monitor. Since it's rather vital for work I should probably get one that has the ability to calibrate my colors correctly. My current monitor is a stock Dell LCD and isn't really cutting it for me.

My plan is to spend somewhere between $250 and $325 for a new monitor.

With that being said, does anyone have any suggestions on what type of monitor I should get. Right now I don't have anything in specific in mind. So long as it displays colors reliably I'll be happy.

So my monitor was apparently calibrated very poorly for quite a good while but I managed to alleviate the problem as soon as I found out. But not before I created countless pieces of yellow tinged art.  :'(

Anyways, I've been doing far too much NPA lately so I decided to pick up a small gig making some backgrounds. Ten/Seven 800x600 backgrounds seemed like too much of a task for me to do in my free time so after some finagling and bartering I got them down to 150x600. I figured that it'd be a great opportunity to sharpen my tiling skills since my image would tile indefinitely and appear 5 times on the screen at any given moment in time. As a tribute to my unfortunate monitor situation I decided to sprite this piece with some yellow and orange overtones.

Any c&c is appreciated as usual. It's a bit early but it's coming along nicely. Eventually there will be another image in the background and there will be some more stuff placed between the foreground and the path. It'll be chock full of parallax scrolling although I haven't yet decided how I'm going to break up the pieces.

Pixel Art / Speaking of dumps and from the dead! (ZOMBIES!!!)
« on: May 18, 2007, 03:00:58 am »
I recently just finished up a flash game called Zombieland and thought I'd give pixelation an exclusive dump of *most* of the graphics for it. Seeing as I did every graphic for the game there are a fair amount to dump. So, without further adieu.

The Hero
We needed a semi-cool/badass teen and a reason to explain the constant scrolling in the game. Naturally, it's a cool kid on a skateboard. He's pretty hardcore considering the beatings he takes.

These are the weapons he uses. I tried using tsugumo's technique for the crossbow flames and a few other places although I dont' quite have it down yet. Haha.

These are the getting hit animations for what he interacts with. There are some other uninteresting or generally not great ones that I didnt' upload. The death animation isn't too cool but it was one of the last items I did and time was running short.

The Objects
Gotta show these early so they don't become overshadowed. Nothing special, just some old fashioned objects that games need. The glow effect on the explosion was an afterthought after making the crossbow glow. The colors were heavily integrated so it was hard to make it work. One reason why unifying the palette across the board isn't always good.

My favorite of these is the heart. It's very vibrant in a rather desaturated game and therefore stands out.

The Zombies
Naturally there are zombies in a zombie game. These guys were loads of fun to do and after the first generic guy I had a lot of freedom to do what I wanted.

Not much more to comment on these guys. My favorite is probably the fat one. Probably because I learned something about simplistic shading and the lengths it can go to save time and create an interesting and solid sprite.


One of the first things we decided on when brainstorming the game. Without this, we probably wouldn't have a game. Naturally, it was one of the last things integrated.


When you get the zamboni the screen turns to this and a sweet song plays. What fun!

A theater and a house of random interest.

Three more houses. The bunny is part of our logo and makes an appearance in almost every we game we do. The second one was just me having fun scribbling on my building. XD The third was the first building I did and pretty much the only building in the game until the last week of production. Amazingly I never really noticed that it was the same house repeating over and over during all the test playing.

Part of the street but not all of it. The street is pretty boring, I just uploaded this because I was proud of my sewer cap. :D

Lich King/Boss

This is the boss for the game. He was fun to do. Given some limitations set by the other sprites and their classes and how they operated the lich got sold short. I put forth some extra effort to ensure he wasn't too crippled though. The preceding statements are all very convoluted as I don't remember how limited I was actually. XD
I really enjoyed figuring out how ragnarok online did their "lazy" getting hit animations for bigger monsters. This guy was near the end so indeed he too was rushed.

I think that covers all of the bases.

You can go here to try out the game. I prefer to play it on newgrounds for some reason but this is the site that bought the game from us so I oughta support it.
The rest of the graphics are pretty sweet and it's mighty fun to see it in action. Our team as a whole is very talented and the game is held together by more than just graphics.

Pixel Art / Some good ol' fashioned tilesets...tileset *finished*
« on: April 12, 2007, 01:19:40 am »


Well, I doubt I'll have much more, if any, time to work on this before the sunday deadline. So, I'm calling it done. If somebody points out something majorly wrong with the piece I'll probably try to correct it though. CnC still welcome as I've still got much to learn and won't necessarily give up on the piece after the contest.

Pixel Art / [wip] Revisiting an older piece some odd months later
« on: March 18, 2007, 05:09:01 pm »
This here was a piece commissioned a good while ago. I don't remember quite how long, but a good while. It was the pixel portion of a rather large title screen for the game Battlemachy. Anyways, the game is pretty fun but the art in it is now outdated. Which is why I decided to revisit the title screen portion of it.

Below is the original version of the piece and below that is it's current rendition. My plans are to rework the entire piece in my free time. At the time I had done it, I was just starting to pracice dithering and keeping a low color count and kind of got carried away with both. It resulted in a rather dirty looking piece which focused more on the techniques I was trying to learn than the piece itself. While it's cool to use 22 colors, it's not that cool when you're working on a 400x500 piece with a rainbow dragon horse amongst other things. Haha!

Old Piece:

Current Rendition:

At this moment in time I'm mainly looking for comments on the tail's new shape as that is what I'm working on. You can see the look it's going for in the completed areas where it connects to the body. Any comments are appreciated but especially ones on the things I am working on.

Also note, the old piece is even older than I had thought. While some things in the new piece look like they are new, they really aren't. The only things that are new is the redeux of the tail and the addition of a roughed in background.

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