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Hi Everyone!

I am an architect and artist in my 30's, with around 15 years of art and design experience, and 6+ years spent doing pixel art intensively. Currently my studio is developing a title called "Hazelnut Bastille", so we have a lot of Pixel Art to show off from that project. You can see more art for that project, and many others at my portfolio site:

My skill set includes:

-Pixel art, especially environments, characters, effects, and GUI
-Particular affinity for 16x16 and the 24x24 Pixel Art scales of tile
-Familiarity with all forms of perspective, including Sidescroller, Topdown (3/4 and Zelda-like), iso, and true perspective
-Skill with environmental tilesets (especially architectural tilesets; I am also an architectural historian, so I have a lot of background for realistic structure and depiction of architectural elements)
-Character design and animation, especially in the chunky or "Chibi" styles common to 16x16
-Extensive Game development and game engine experience (especially Unity and Unreal)
-Strong background in the design and 3D modeling of both architectural spaces, and natural environments
-3D character design
-Digital painting
-Texture painting and mapping of normals and specular layers
-Texture sculpting
-Architectural design and visualization
-3D animation

As you might gather, I have a strong depth of knowledge in all forms of asset creation for both 3D and 2D work, and familiarity with implementation on the development level. If there is an asset type you need produced, especially Pixel Art or Architecture-related, there is a very strong chance that I can fill your needs.

If you have interest in proposing a commission, feel free to email me at:

Can't wait to help out !

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