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Hi Everyone,

I've worked as a game artist for Studios such as Gameloft NY, Glu mobile and Wayforward studios for over 7 years. Recently published titles I've worked on include Thor: God of Thunder for the DS. You can see my portfolio and testimonials at
I'm looking for a couple of talented individuals who would like to benefit from my experience.
Here's what I can offer:

1)Lot's of constructive criticism and guidance.
2)Help creating or improving your portfolio to professional standards as quickly as possible.
 3)First hand experience creating art for games that will be published.
4)Paying work as much as possible. (pay rate will depend on the opportunities that present themselves and the speed in which you work.)
 5)Your name in the credits under “artist” for any game you produce art for.
6)Lots of tricks of the trade, and eventually lots of connections in the industry. (once you're ready)
Any interested, please email me at

I've been in the industry for roughly 8 years, working on numerous pulbished titles for Gameloft and Glu mobile and freelancing for several other production studios.

My most recent published works are Thor: God Of Thunder for DS and BooTown by Glu.  I was also the lead artist for the DS title  Spy Kids: All The Time In The World.

My portfolio and resume can be seen here:

Please read the testimonials on my website from Producers and art directors from some of the most respected studios in the industry.

I'm currently availible for work.

thank you,
Michael Parent

Portfolios / 2d pixel artist Michael Parent's portfolio
« on: July 20, 2010, 06:52:04 pm »
I've been in the industry for roughly 10 years working on numerous pulbished titles for Gameloft and Glu mobile and freelancing for several other production studios.

My portfolio and resume can be seen here:

thank you,
Michael Parent

General Discussion / PLEASE SUBMIT FINAL "SKINS" For contest here!
« on: July 18, 2010, 08:48:07 am »
Hi Everyone,

Remember this thread?

Unfortunately it didn't get much response and dragged on and on.  I think its time to call it a wrap and vote on a winner.  Those who had worked on a Skin, please submit a working link HERE ASAP.

I've sent private messenges to those who it seemed had been working on something to try and get their atention.

If you know any of the people who were working on something, please help get this to their attention.

Please help me wrap this up everyone.

thanks much,


General Discussion / Here's a playable platformer you can "skin" :)
« on: April 18, 2009, 07:43:00 pm »
Hi everyone,

You might remember my previous post about the side scrolling shooter demo that you can "skin".

Well, if you go to this link you will see that there's now a fully functional, fully playable, 3 level plus one boss side scrolling platformer that you can skin.  Its loaded with player animations, multiple enemy types, weapons, power-ups, layered scrolling environments and so on.  This would be an incredible portfolio piece for a pixel artist who wants to prove they can do a "whole game".  This would also be a great challenge for an aspiring pixel artist to see if they could tough out a full project and stick to deadlines.

I hope some poeple find this useful, or at least entertaining. :)

Hello fellow Pixelation members,
I present to you the 100 dollar demo-skinning challenge!

I originally created this little demo for a friend of mine who’s looking to break into the pixel art field but has no portfolio.  I figured the next best thing to an actual published game would be a small demo that mimics a game.  Simply replace the art in the folder with your own png’s of the same name and size and when you run the demo it will use your pixel creations!
I’d love for my website to someday host a gallery of countless artist’s re-skins of this and several other demos I plan to make.  To help this become a reality I’m offering a 100 dollar prize to the Pixilation member who is voted (by the rest of us pixilation members) as having created the favorite (creativity and execution) “skin” for the demo.  I’d like to set the deadline for submitting the finished “re-skins” to Sunday, March 29, 2009.  I can pay the winner via paypal or by mailing a U.S. check (if the winner lives in the US.)

You can learn more and download the actual demo from
I hope this proves fun and useful for us all.

Post your progress and discussion in this thread

Edit: Fixed the image  -Panda

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