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2D & 3D / Chinese Text Sprite (Need to be able to read Chinese)
« on: October 29, 2022, 01:27:31 pm »
Hi there,

I'm looking for artist that can create Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) text sprite in a specific style as shown in the example.
Text will be provided, but artist must be able to read Chinese to avoid mistake

It's a simple task, so young artist are welcome
Do note that there is expected to be a simple text 🙂

If you are interested, say hi over discord! My username is SecretBaseSG_ Tobe#5398 (remove the space before Tobe)

Job offers / [Paid] Classic Beat'em Up (SFX needed)
« on: March 23, 2022, 11:28:18 am »
Hi again, not sure if this is the best place for this, but I am looking for someone to help work on some SFX.

I'm have been working on an unannounced beat'em up, and it has a rather clean visual, with snappy animation, much like my old avengers mock up from a few years ago. You can check out the video here

The SFX is expected to sound similar to what you'd find in SFIII or SF Alpha series.
If you're interested, please add me on discord with the username "SecretBaseSG_Tobe#5398"

Hi everyone,
My name is Ray, an indie game dev under the name Secret Base.
You can find more info about my previous game on my website, or my twitter account

I'm have been working on an unannounced beat'em up, and it has a rather clean visual, with snappy animation, much like my old avengers mock up from a few years ago...

I have a few position I'm hoping to fill, as listed below.
  • Environment Artist : Rough concept art (or collage example) of the level will be provided. Artist to re-interpret the level as pixels on the given whitebox. Good level of creative freedom, but enough restriction to help you stay focus on the job. The game is set in oblique view, so if you have some experience with isometric, it would come in handy. But not a must at all
  • Overworld Map Artist : A city map, similar to JRPG like Chrono Trigger and Scott Pilgrim
  • Character Animator : Character art style is similar to the avengers artwork above, though character size is more chibli and much smaller, around 64x64, with no size limitation and animated in 15FPS. There's obviously lots of combat animation to be done, so good anatomy, shape and form is important. Our animation style is clean and snappy, so strong key poses are appreciated as well. Ideally, you animate with key frame tweaks
  • FX Animator : Hit spark, Ki blast, explosion, etc. Looking for someone that can do clean and creamy FX. There's probably better example, but off the top of my head, I'd say more like SF Alpha and less SF2
  • Character Reskin or BG Character animation : This is more for the junior artist. Basically, I have quite a few animated characters that we're looking for artist to try to dress differently. That or maybe BG character animation, basically passerby doing some simple poses

That's quite a few roles because the project is entering Beta, and I'm largely focus on churning out more contents. However, it is important to note that there are others that has already been working on the project for some time now, so it's not like I'm hiring 1 environment artist or 1 animator for the whole game. You will be joining an existing project, so you must be prepared to adapt to the art style.

I am more open to artist that want to take on multiple role, depending on the timeline. Sometimes it's just because you want more work. Sometimes it's because working on 2 different things allows you to switch around and not get bored. For me, I much rather have someone that's invested in the project, rather than 5 artists, each contributing only a small bit, get paid, and disappear :(

My priority right now is environment and character animators. The rest might come in 1 or 2 months later.

Frequent updates and communication (over discord) are also required over production. This is to help both you and I to make sure things are done correctly, and avoid situation 2 weeks down the road that the artist delivered something I simply cannot use, or the artist decide not to show up anymore, and I'm left there waiting, as you can imagine has happened before. I am the artist for the avengers mock up and most of the game so far, so I believe I am able to offer advise and feedback to help increase quality and productivity.

I think that is all for now. If you are keen, you can reach out to me on my email or DM me. Send me your portfolio link (avoid attachment please. I have a small inbox), what you like to do and give some examples of how much you've charge for past pieces. Do note that my email has been going into spam, so you might want to whitelist me if you're sending expecting my reply. Do also note that there will need to be an NDA signing to discuss work in detail, and a simple contract signing to kick off the work.

Thank you for reading!!

Pixel Art / Japan
« on: March 14, 2011, 09:43:14 pm »
I'm trying to finish this new piece of artwork to post online, with a red cross donation link, but it seems incomplete at the moment. Any C&C or edit is much appreciated.

The idea is to show familiar game characters we know from young in Japan after the earthquake, trying to survive, and helping each other out.
Characters include
- Mario
- Link / King of Red Lion /Navi
- Sonic
- Balloon fight
- Rockman
- Moogle
- Kid Icarus
- Metal Slug
- Spencer (Bionic Commando)
- Pacman
- Ico
- Kirby
- Ryu
- Ness (earthbound)

Also, I think it will be meaningful if artist can come together to do a collaboration for the cause. Hopefully the admin will consider this.

Pixel Art / Zombie Tower Defend game (W.I.P)
« on: January 26, 2010, 11:08:13 am »
I'm trying out some visual styling for my new zombie game... so here's some sample of the characters.

There's 4 character here, sharing the same color scheme till I get the styling right. They are, Man in spects, Cameraman, Biker and zombie.
I'm mainly trying out the way the guy holds his gun for the Man in spects. Tell me what you think.

Anyway, I was refering to the game - "chaos engine" for the view, but the style is completely different.
Does anyone knows where I can find more reference for this view? I haven't started yet, but I find the animation kinda awkward just thinking about it.

Thanks :)

Pixel Art / (WIP) Wild West Shooter
« on: May 21, 2009, 08:10:11 am »
edit: added bigger version of the main character
I know I'm suppose to be working on Vertical Adventure, but I had a vision of this simple shooter game, I can't stop myself from not making a mock up screen shot.
Anyway, I was playing Wild Guns on my snes emulator, so I thought I did do something similar. I ended up coming with the idea of a cross between the 3rd person shooter and Space Invader. Enemies will appear on screen around the top portion, and the player can shoot or take cover behind the "sand bag". If the sand bag got hit too many times, it disappear.

Well... at least that's the idea so far. I'm thinking how the gameplay can be more interesting while not increasing the work load too much. If it's possible, I hope to make this more then just a mock up  ;)

Here's the artwork.
It's incomplete at the moment, hence the character is standing in his still position, and there seems to be many error all around. There's also alot of empty area that I want to fill up with.

Added: character design sketch

Giant pistols on his back :)

08 Jan Update
I know what you're thinking... it's along the line of "WTF IS THIS THREAD DOING HERE AGAIN".
But believe me, it's gonna worthwhile this time... because the Tobe Vertical Adventure is now live, on XBLIG

Like I said before, this is where the project started, so there's no reason why you guys should not be informed, despite the fact that nobody ever buys a XBLIG, lol.
But seriously, after this long, I'm glad I've completed the game - full pixel art ... well, except for the cutscenes.

Enough of talk, here some giant screen shot (available only here on pixelation :)

We've received complains about the lack of thumbstick support, and has plans to fix that. But I hope you guys still get to try and give the game a shot.
You can download the demo / purchase it from the link here...

Or visit our website here...
We gonna have quite some stuff on the net which I presume would be interesting for artist especially. Here's a sneak peep...

Ultimately, if you like it, do drop us a message because it keeps us a live.

21Nov Update
The game is finally done after so long! It is currently sent for review on XNA club, and we're expecting to release sometime in Decemeber. You can read more about the game at or see page 2 of this thread for some brief update.

3rd Oct Update
Hi again! So I've been MIA for a while now, working hard to finish the game. We're almost there. And here's a actual screenshot and in-game clip

Video(I was using a crappy screen capturing software, so the framerate seems pretty bad)

Also, I've decided to take down some of the later level images, so not to spoil the fun for whoever gonna play :)
So... here's a quick and dirty teaser I put up together for the game...
It doesn't really say anything... just fancy visual put together like you seen here... except that... they now moves.
But yea, do check

Somebody's in a working mood... Updates!

Here's another world, another theme. Obviously, this Ice zone is sort of a direct contrast from the pyramid.
The layout of the platform is kinda messy in comparison. But I like how each tile looks. My main concern here is probably the limited colors. What do you think? too dull?

Horay~! More Updates!

Here's an updated version of the original level. The background was given more saturation, and there's more "black" then wall now, to keep consistency with the desert/pyramid level. Also, I finally remove all the white line from the character, added monsters etc.

One thing I need special attention with... the holes in the far background... they're empty. Is it bad? I was hoping to leave it as it is due to the time constrain, but just in case I manage to finish things earlier then I can, any idea what I can do with it? Or perhaps I should remove it once and for all?

Character Update (5July)

Tested the sprite for player2, Nana. Oh, and I've decided to drop the white line. I hope it's not the wrong move though :(

Level Update (3July)

Hi guys, here's some minor updates.

1) slightly desaturated the sand fall (if that's what it's called)
2) some tiles with hieroglyphics
3) better spikes... or needles
4) included lady Nana (changed the outfit for readability... which still don't look fantastic)

I might not work on the pillar though, since I have to hurry and move on to the next level.
As for the white outline, it's a real pain. There seems to be more negative then positive comments about it, but I can't seems to get the character to stand out without it.

Oh, and lastly, the veins are meant to be interactive - hence the outline :)

Level Update 2 (2july)
I took more time to finally finish up the level. I think it looks better now... though the "Egyptian" theme still didn't seems as strong, but I guess it's passable. What do you guys think?

Level Update (2July)
Hi guys, I'm finally working on VA again. I started working on the mock up of a new level, this time with a Egypt / pyramid theme.
I realized a few element changed throughout the process, as I find it hard to implement the original  style (like the repeated pattern BG) to suit the different theme of the levels.

I'm working with many reference too, but I still feel very much block as in the element to build up the mood and theme. If anyone have anything cool in mind I should take a look at, please advise.

Animation Update (15 May)
I've left the project for quite a while(working on some vector-base games instead).
The game is ongoing, working out on the game design, and the programmers have started with place holder for now.

Anyway, for some reason, the programmers needed the wall climb animation 1st, so I had to start working it on. This is my 1st attempt on animation, so serious C&C is much appreciated. I took a whole day long working on this as I was drawing in PS, bring it over to Flash for viewing, and back and forth. All that, and the fact that climbing animation lacks of reference didn't help... But I did found 2 awesome thread here.
Grateful to the comments inside  :D

Btw, I do realize the animation looks.....robotic and lifeless. I do wish to redo it again when I have the time. :blind:

Small updates again

I did some messing around with the character outline and the design... sort of a cat ear and a blue/yellow raccoon tail. I'm kinda lost here, so some opinion on this will be very helpful.

As for the background, I mange to create some cave holes (not sure what you call that), anyway the pattern on the wall makes this extremely difficult for my level, I have to ignore the tilings. I need some suggestion though... should I..
1) leave it empty?
2) add another layer like I did for the center hole or
3) add something going on in the far


Finally found time for this. It's still WIP, but I think I manage to establish the rough look and feel.

A few more things to do from here...
1) I still need to add more variety of items, objects and traps(like the spike and stuff).
2) need to make a 3rd layer of background
3) some cute monster
4) the user interface
5) Player 2 -"Nana" a tribute character to ice climber and nanakostudio(Annabelle Kennedy)
I'm pretty sure I missed something else. Do fill me in.

Anyway, I changed the character to something more colorful... and even gave him a "sticker look". What do you call that anyway. I tried everything to make him stand out but failed, so I gave up... sigh. But hey, it's still sweet in a way and it serve it's purpose. I'm also looking at giving the character something more significant to make him more then just any guy... maybe a fox ear or a monkey tail. Fashion accessory are way too common. What do you guys think? I will be posting some of the character sketches soon, so you guys can help judge. The sketches are here. Just scroll ;)

And before I forget and get ban, I took reference from sonic for that waterfall. I thought it was beautiful and couldn't bear not having something similar.


Hi guys, I'm working on a new game mock up screen-shot.
(it's late, so I'll fill in the game design description next time around)

The visuals are inspired by Cave story and Underside, but using much bigger sprite (the character is 32 x 32, I think).
Anyway, I created the character first, so I guess he turns out a little too flat in comparison to the background. I'm hoping to make him stand out more, but I refuse to add dark outline, so to maintain the intended art direction. Any suggestion?

As for the background, the character is actually inside a cave. In this case, I didn't want the rocky tiles to looks like real rocks. Instead, I go for more graphical representation... which I think I've got it right. but not entirely sure either.

Also, I'm still working on the platform tiles. I've placed them below the character art. Do let me know which is better.

I like what I have at the moment, but I guess it's still early to tell... something do feel amiss though.

Btw, the game is plan for X-box live arcade, which I'm absolutely unaware of any restriction. Any information on this, I will be very grateful. Curently, I'm working without any color / grid restriction. But I find it a pain without the restriction. Colors combination tends to get too much to control, and without the grid, the workload just keeps expanding. I'm looking at sticking to a system color palette... probably GBA, since it looks like the most colorful palette at the moment. Or should it be NDS?

Pixel Art / Interactive piece (W.I.P)
« on: May 29, 2008, 06:59:03 pm »
Hi all, here's my first thread in the artwork section (previously asked some questions in the discussion section which I'm still in need of help with).
Anyway, I have recently started working on a "flash-base RPG game engine interactive piece",
a gift for my brother's wedding, where both the bride and the groom are from the game industry.

I did a tiny bit of pixel arts quite a few years ago, but I never get to carry on as there was no commercial value back then, from where I were.
Till now, I finally get to work on pixel again, and thought that some C&C would definitely be necessary.

Anyway, I'm still in a very early stage of the project at the moment, and lots of scenes were to be made.
I'm hoping to make an effort and post my progress from time to time.

Here are some early shot of the character

The room/house of the protagonist

The town where they reside

ABC Building nearby

I'm hoping to get some advise especially on the interior shot of the room.
There's a wood house version which I modify from the original "apartment" style.
And since the apartment was the original, most of the colors does not seems matching to me when I changed the wall colors.
What do you think?

Also, just to mention some of my source, I took quite a bit of reference from games like Zelda (minish cap and link's awakening), Earthbound for a clean look, Dragon Quest 6 for layout ideas, and Pokemon for it's urban areas. As for characters, I was looking more at zelda and FFVI.

If you find what you see here presentable, take a look at my new blog too.
It's more of vectors and design then pixel art though.
But it's brand new, so bookmark and check back soon, since it's pretty empty right now.

Hope to hear from you guys soon ; )

General Discussion / Questions on Pixel Art for Flash Game
« on: May 12, 2008, 07:03:32 pm »
Hi all, I've been lurking around for quite sometime now, looking for answers, reference, and of course beautiful artwork produce by the many genius over here.

But I've recently started working on a flash-base RPG game engine interactive piece... if it makes sense to anyone.
Anyway, I am not entirely new to working on pixel art nor flash, though at the same time, I am a master of neither.

I'd like to get some advise here...
Apart from file size issue, is it necessary to produce pixel arts in tiles&grids when working in flash?
What is the rational behind? Back in the days, it was done due to restrictions. So are we doing it now mainly for the style?
What are the problems to face if I'd produce something that looks like your usual SNES RPG, but ignore the grid and tile systems?
What if I just go ahead and create pixel art for the solely the visual?

Let me name a few example I have encounter so far.
1) Realizing the door being too small for the character, only after I finish working on the door.
2) Messy files with endless layering
3) Needs a even better vision of the end result
4) having to change lots of small details manually when you decides a change on the color scheme

Anyway, not to disregard the benefits of ignoring the grid, here are some good things.
1) patterns like floor panels are more random
2) The walking areas are much more forgiving, given the fact that without grid, your character can now walk by pixels, instead of maybe 30pixel a step
3) you can still use tiles at certain point when you deem necessary, just to cut down on workload.
4) Every objects become much easier to composite together without the grid and tiles restrictions.

I'm pretty sure there's quite a handful more for both, but I will add them into the list when I have them.

Lastly, I'm thinking of using Photoshop to draw my pixel art.
I layer them up for the animation, bring them over to flash so that I can export them as gif, and later uses them in flash for the interactive.
Is this gonna cause me any problems? I'm very comfortable with flash, but are there any better software to do so? Or am I gonna face any problem in flash like an auto anti-aliasing tool for animation gifs?

A huge thanks in advance to everyone that reads and replies.
Shall upload the artwork once I have enough to show.

(Pardon for the English, as it is not my mother tongue.)

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