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Pixel Art / son of rlasicson// first time
« on: August 26, 2005, 01:07:12 am »
hiyer ive not got much expericence at all with pixeling. i done some helping graphics for a couple of copmuter games called swash buckel ur seatbelt and re: get to schol on time.

ive started workign on a new game called son of rlasicson: waking up to say good bye and its aobut a manequin thats dresed up as a rat and is alive. heres some animations that ive done so far and would be nice to hear from you what your opinions. the bigest trouble im having as pointed out by sumer school is that i m not good at choosing colours and hopefuly as i learn that wil get beter??

this is normal walking i gues. il make a diferent walking animation for when hes more like a manequin so its more stiff etc.

this is liek on doom wher u hava  face at the botom or somethign. i havent realy figrued out what im doing this is al for practice basicaly.


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