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Hey there,

Me & a pixel artist are currently developing a 2D medieval action packed adventure game. Very inspired by a lot of the old games we grew up with. The game is called IronSaga and it currently has a Kickstarter running with only 47 hours left!

We know the game still needs a lot of work, both the art and game play. That is why we are currently doing a complete rebuild of the game improving all aspects of it. We believe it has the potential to become much greater then what it is today. Try the early demo and check out all of the stuff being added!

You can become a part of IronSaga for a small price of 1 dollar now with your name forever in the credits and a guaranteed copy of the game once released. The game has also just got the greenlight on Steam!  :)

Hope to have some of you join us, have a great day everyone!

IronSaga Video -

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