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Portfolios / [PORTFOLIO/AVAILABLE] SeinRuhe's Portfolio!
« on: May 20, 2017, 05:57:30 am »
[Updated 2021/03/23][YYYY/MM/DD]

Hello there!

About me:
I'm SeinRuhe, a freelance pixel artist. I've worked mostly doing characters and animations for games. I'm currently looking for paid commissions/contract work.

My portfolio:
I'll invite you guys to see my portfolio on Behance, I'll update it weekly! (Lies everybody, I haven't updated it in ages!)
Portfolio: (Remember to open the folder to see the contents!)

If you think my style would be suitable for your project feel free to contact me through:

Discord: SeinRuhe#1500
Twitter: (@seinruhe)

I can also adapt to most styles  ;) !

Also, I'm able to produce tasteful NSFW content.

[NEW] Changelog:
09/13/2017: Added Vic Rattlehead to character portfolio, uploaded three animations of three different characters done for, also added a 16x16 walk animation of an orc done for a personal proyect.

04/25/2018: The next characters where added to character portfolio: Skulltula, Zaken, Stormtrooper, Aang, All Might and ALL MIGHT, Kello, Souma and Unipig. Added an Idle and a Walk animation of Kello. Added five more 16x16 monsters. Added a tile example. Added a Big Ass Monster.

05/28/2018: Added myself as part of an illustration for #GymLeaderSona.

07/07/2018: Added the following animations: Kello Run, Kello Jump, Kello Jump Kick, Kello Jump Punch.

01/16/2019: Added 14 new character illustrations under the category "New Characters".

06/01/2020: Added 18 new character illustrations under the category "New Characters". Also added an RPG enemy along with 5 animations under the category "Animations". Added another two background examples. Added a new category "Icons".

Examples of my work:

  • Old Characters:

  • New Characters:

  • NSFW +18 Characters:
Reserved Space

  • Animations:

  • 16x16 Designs for a personal project:

  • Icons:

  • Some Background Examples:

  • Some Tile Examples:

  • [Bonus] A Big Ass Monster:

  • [Bonus] #GymLeaderSona:

Pixel Art / Help! Female character
« on: March 01, 2017, 04:54:04 am »
Hello boys, I'm new in this pixel art thing, anyways, I'm trying to make a female character, at this point I have the 3/4 view and front view in an acceptable point, there's still room to improve so any critique will be highly apreciated.

Also, want to do a back view and a full side view but all my attempts are hideous, so I'm recurring to you guys in the allmighty internet to help me please, if you guys know references that might help me or can sketch something similar for me to see.

The palette doesn't have much contrast but I think it's OK, if someone knows how to make it better I'm open to suggestions.

At least but not last, I'm also trying to improve my english so grammar corrections will be appreciated

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