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I've started working on a web MMORPG, made up of 16x tiles in a close-to-infinite world map (well, you can create more maps too).

I have spent many weeks on this project already and can show it to you. You can play in via web browser.

I have pretty much finished the site and forum sections, commissioned a small tile set from an independent artist and made a lot of progress with the game.

Current features:
 - Basic movement and collisions
 - Chat with other players
 - Edit mode, allowing one to edit the world map and its contents
 - Incredibly clean code that is easy to maintain and extend

Cosmetic perks will be available for purchase. We'll split any profits between us.

There is still a lot of programming for me to do and a lot of art for you to draw.

We can talk over email or in Discord :)

PM me!

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