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Pixel Art / Such a Pkmn geek, WTF. D:
« on: May 22, 2008, 09:43:54 pm »
Closer to heart than intended? ;w;

Am I the only person who completely dislikes Pkmn graphics? D: I love Pokémon, honestly, and I believe I always will-- things you grow up with kinda stays, doesn't it?

But damn-- One of the things I /wish/ could go to the next level are the graphics. Despite the fact that they're all pretty, some simple mistakes make me iffy. ("Why the hell is her overworld sprite changing the way she holds her bag from left and right? WTF cheap mirroring. D<")

... Not to say that I'm better. In fact, I'm worse. ;w; But I'll excuse myself and say that GameFreak/Nintendo is a company, and I'm only one person.

Rip it apart-- It's a Pkmn center after all! :D

Pixel Art / Avatar; omy longtimenosee o:
« on: November 18, 2007, 06:02:12 am »
I could tell you my [very small] pixelling history, along with other small personal trivia, but that's not really important, now is it?  ;3

I got an avatar half-done for this forum, it took me a few hours during a couple of days. Or something. - Am planning to animate it, but I don't have an animator. Awell.

- Someone give me critique/advice/praise/flame/soda/kick in the arse?

More or less how I look like. Yup, dithering and everything. ¬ ¬

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