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First of all, thanks to everyone here that's provided me with feedback so far. My previous part time project is now my full time project, and this community definitely helped me get to this milestone. Here is a short teaser for the game I've been working on, Wallachian Night.

I did not intend to release a video just yet, but I wanted to have something to show in time for a small indie game showcase on Reddit. I will continue to work on the trailer, but for now, this is what I have. Any feedback would be appreciated.


Pixel Art / Wallachian Night.
« on: November 10, 2016, 05:39:56 am »
I'm working on one of the outdoor settings for my game, a snowy Wallachian countryside. I'm personally happy with it myself, but you guys are good at pointing things out that I wouldn't notice otherwise.

Ignoring the top UI box (intentionally left incomplete), what do you guys think of the environment?

Pixel Art / Tezca's 8-bit Style Sprite
« on: September 24, 2016, 06:01:02 pm »
I'm working on a game project and I'm trying to improve my pixel art skills.

This is the hero character of the game. I initially tried to stay within the NES limits and came up with this character, using only black and 2 shades of grey. The NES tile sizes are 16x16, so this character is 16x32.

I tried staying within the limits of the NES when applying color (3 colors max from the 64 color palette) but I couldn't  find a color scheme I was satisfied with under those restrictions. I cheated, went way over the limit and colored my character like this:

I decided to cheat the NES limits further and make the character taller than the initial 16x32 sprite, mainly because I needed to add the spearhead to the top of his staff. I also started doing some animations.

Idle and Walk:

Duck and Duck Walk:


Duck Attack:

I'm having trouble making a convincing jump animation though. The cape makes my previous attempts look unconvincing when the sprite is actually in motion in the game. I initially just used one of the frames from the Duck animation, it definitely doesn't look right in action:

I may have to create two sets of animations for the jump; One for when hes jumping up, and one for when he's falling down. The cape would react accordingly.

I haven't shown this hero character to many people, so any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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