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Pixel Art / Dead Rising SNES demake mockup
« on: October 05, 2007, 11:45:51 pm »
Been playing a fair bit of Dead Rising lately, and between that and the recent Gameboy Demake Mockup Frenzy, I felt inspired to whip this up.

It's really the first time I've anything like this, as most of my pixeling experience comes from fighting game sprites and the like. Doing the character sprites (especially Frank) was alot of fun, but the tiles/background stuff not so much. I feel alot of it looks really plain, but being the first time I'm dealing with tiles, I had a very hard time figuring out how to improve them.

There are alot of aspects I'm not 100% happy with... For one the screenshot looks a little empty, and ultimately I really didn't make any effort to base it on the specs or limitations of the SNES hardware. I'm starting to feel kinda burnt out and fed up working on it though, so I felt I wanted to just call it done and move on. I had originally wanted to do a few more mockup shots, but it's alot of work, and I'd rather put the time and effort into something I'd be more excited about.

Please feel free to give any c&c, opinions or whatever.

General Discussion / SNES colour palette/specs?
« on: October 01, 2007, 12:35:20 pm »
First of all, I hope this is in the right category.

Anyhoo, I just have a simple question. Sorta-kinda inspired by the latest mockup frenzy I'm planning to do a few mock SNES game screenshots. While not a real necessity I thought it would be more fun if I could make sure that what I produce actually falls within the realm of what a SNES could do. I've been googling but haven't been able to find anything, so I was wondering if anyone here could provide me with the actual colour palette the SNES uses, as well as any other technical information that would be pertinent.

Thanks in advance.

edit: added a question mark in the subject line to avoid confusion.

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