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Pixel Art / tractor trailor
« on: October 08, 2014, 11:20:12 pm »
Made a truck.  ::)

Anyone here have any idea on how to improve the tires?
Other than that, I'm pretty happy with it.

Pixel Art / Sidescroller fun
« on: December 01, 2011, 05:11:54 pm »
After looking thru some old art, got inspired to do this. Only thing recycled was the rocks I made from megaman frenzy awhile back. I dont think its an issue to recycle ones own works...
So, looking for some suggestions on the gap area, also, I would like to implement some sky in this. My biggest issues are pallet creation, as I am color blind.

So feedback appreciated. and happy pixeling everyone.

and a run cycle...

Pixel Art / working on a lizzard
« on: November 12, 2010, 04:58:21 pm »
After gazing upon cures monstorz, I was losing much sleep to their awesomeness and wanted to make one of my own.
After trying, I realized that artistic talent probably would help the matter. I suppose one way to develop skill, I guess, is to try... so thats what I did.

I came up with this:

After a quick critique from a well renowned artist whom of which is a regular here on the boards
(As soon as I get permission from said artist, I will post his edit which is in my opinion superior to mine.) its been a day and I havent heard from Elk, so I'm posting it anyway. He would have wanted me to share I think ;)

I ended up with this:

Pixel Art / C64 BlueJay
« on: October 22, 2010, 02:57:34 am »
Been working on this on for the Weekly PJ challenge.
Found the 4 color restriction to be a huge challenge for me, but using double wide pixels makes up for it :/
Used Ptoings Palette.
The background is supposed to be clouds. May be some contrast issues due to the low color count, could use some ideas on accomplishing better contrast.
Am hoping to place with this one, but there is alot of talent out there, so I may be aiming a bit high... lol. its okay either way. (not gonna happen, lol, was still fun anyway tho.)

and the ref, I scaled it down to the size I need and did a trace, I hope people dont feel like I cheated, was still hard imo.

Pixel Art / terra
« on: April 19, 2010, 11:44:30 pm »
I was looking over this weeks challenge at and came up with this idea.
I find myself participating in these events but never entering them. Perhaps cause I start a little too late in the game, or I just don't feel my stuff is good enough to compete.
Whatever the case may be, Heres what I got so far.
   dirty edit...

I'm thinking about adding an impact, complete with ripple effect and maybe some debris/flames around the p.o.i.  On the backside of our home, maybe the blast was so intense that pieces kinda break off leaving behind a bunch of astroid/earth_chunks to drift off.
I guess this is kinda bending the rules for the compo and was wondering what you guys think... I'll try my best to finish this one on time.

Pixel Art / tomatohead
« on: March 20, 2010, 10:18:23 pm »
its a tomato... head thing...

heres the anim I'm going 4

and here is where I need some help or direction... I'm once again struggling with shading so I want to get it right before finishing this up.

In the end, I would like to make this 2x and use it as my avatar. Thanks!

small update suggested by my brother...
and then...

Pixel Art / Working On some Rocks
« on: March 03, 2010, 03:29:32 am »
So I think I may have made a post about some rocks a while back, and am taking another stab at it. These rocks are for practicing basically. not for a mockup or game or anything.
My first attempt was mainly to see if I could tile some rock platform. I think I achieved my goal as it tiles well, and looks rockish, altho I guess It could stand some improvement.
I used this same method for my secret santa gift this year if anyone missed it!

I then decided that I wanted something a bit more realistic, so I decided to go back and try this again! This time I wasn't so worried about tiling and focused more on the shape of a rock.
Altho Its not horrible, its still lacking in texture and lighting, but I think a more 3d effect was achieved.

After that, I thought I could take it a step further. I started over. Thinking I had a grasp on things I began my next set of rocks, after the attempt I think the overall effect looked neat, but not quite what I imagined in my head. I tried to take some advice on colors and highlights but I dont think I quite understood. Also, the new set almost looks like layers of bricks or rocks hovering on rocks. Definately not what I was trying to achieve.

Trying not to get discouraged, I remembered that I wanted to also "focus" on texture. Somebody suggested that I dither to give the rocks texture so in my last pic you can see what was achieved. I also messed with the palet to go from 28 colors to only 10. I also changed the format from gif to png in the process.

So overall, I am still not satisfied. I'm planning on starting a 4th set of rocks to illiminate the brick effect and make it appear more like rock comming out of the earth. Go back to making it
tileable I think. I would love to hear your suggestions and hope to post an update soon!

I hope you guys dont think I abandoned the layered attempt to soon, It was really buggin me that I didnt tile them, so I started over again to impliment that.
I also really didn't like the "layered effect" I achieved. Altho intesting, My goal was to make solid rocks and not layers, rather then fix it I just started over... but I think This has more promise!

General Discussion / IRC Chat #pixelation
« on: February 25, 2010, 08:59:56 pm »
Hello, Just wanted to remind everyone here on the boards that there is still a Chat room available to those who wish to share works, get real-time critiques and meet people that share a common interest!  The chat room has been around almost as long as the forums and is always ready and waiting for new people!

While the boards are not monitored directly by the people here at wayofthepixel, I can assure you that the people who are running the show in the chat room are just as dedicated to being honest, fun, and fair as the people here. #pixelation Could use a few "more talented" full time or regular individuals to join the ranks so please stop by and show us what you got! the Chat room IS NOT intended as a replacement for the forum. You will never get a better critique or better help on your works as you can here on the Forums, but you may find Answers to questions that have been asked over and over again here on the forums that have become buried over time or just hard for newer pixelers to find. That way you can save some headaches here plus you may even find some new friends, who knows!

Some things #pixelation can provide are as follows:
1)  A place for noobs and advanced pixel artists alike wanting to get faster, real time critiques.
2)  A place to show off or share your current  pixel works or even non pixel art you may be working on, that may not be ready for the boards...
3)  A place for people to bring there works closer to something that would attract more hits on the forum.
4)  A place for up and coming pixel artist to meat some pixel legends and for the legends to meet their fans!
5)  A place to hang out and have a good time. And to get to know your fellow pixelers!

For anyone familiar with IRC, The board is hosted on:  channel: #pixelation
You can also visit temporarily via web chat by going to  Use this till they fix the link: There you just have to enter a Username and Channel Name:
Ex)PixelFan would be the user name and Pixelation would be the chat room to enter. (No need for adding the # sign)

Again, this is not a replacement for the boards, rather, I like to consider it an expansion to the ever growing community here on pixilation and pixeljoint.
I definitely hope to get some feedback and suggestions and hope that the mods here approve of this post .

Pixel Art / jeepescape
« on: December 22, 2009, 04:01:05 pm »
Okay... so I have this idea for a game... basically its gonna be isometric. Direction is gonna be fixed in the s.e. direction.
The idea is kind of a cross between excite bike and dinorun a game I currently fell in love with by pixeljam for its simplicity.
Dont have alot here but the main sprite I would be working with is this jeep.
Not sure If I wanna pixel in a driver but would probably be cool for ejection scenarios and to add a little blood and gore to the game... :o
Eventually I'll post some backgrounds and enemy sprites... but for now gonna see where this takes me...

here it is so far

My main issues are the bumper and the fender. to keep readablity on the sprite while its moving, I may keep the black outline not sure yet.
I'm happy overall with how it looks so I'll probably start on this one very soon... c/c appreciatied.

2D & 3D / window
« on: December 15, 2009, 01:45:50 am »
lol, got this idea watching my little girl playing around with mspaint... Wish I had saved the original she made. Its amazing some of the things little ones come up with; how they inspire us... maybe I'll take this one a step further maybe not, just wanted to share.

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