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Pixel Art / I'd like to finish this
« on: January 21, 2008, 05:41:31 am »
Hi everyone. 

PJ people might've seen this already, I did it for a challenge two weeks ago.  I was really short on time, so I soft of half-assed .. everything.  I'm pretty sick of it, but I took a little break, so maybe now I'll be able to look at it with fresh eyes and finish.

Things I'm gonna work on (tomorrow):

1. Try unify the face and turban more, though I'd prefer not to dither the face.. but.. I guess I'll see how that goes.
2. Colors: gonna add more, mainly to make the face less choppy  and to make the headwrap stand out a bit. 
3. Flaber gave me a ton of crits on the turban already, and I'm mainly gonna work on making the fabric seem lighter and less like a towel. 
4. Background?
5. Neck needs fixing, I'll have too look up refs, but suggestions are very welcome.

CC whatever you want; I have a week left before my classes start again, so I'll try to be productive.

And just in case someone didn't see this on pj, I traced a quickie sketch based on this reference.  It barely even resembles the ref, but thought I'd post it anyway.

Pixel Art / [wip]an LJ icon for a friend [updated 1.22.07]
« on: December 27, 2006, 01:17:01 am »
I've been lurking around for quite some time, but never participated and one of your fellow admins nagged at me to be active, so here I go: 
 My friend Lisa asked me to make "something cute" for her livejournal icon.  I've only worked on this for a couple of hours so far, it's not some big project or anything, and while I'm trying not to keep adding colors, it's not my main concern.

The big issue I have is that I don't really like the dithering, but I also want the shading to me more realistic than that on her left cheek. So, cc would be appreciated, but just to throw it out there - it doesn't have to be exactly like the ref photo, I'd like to exaggerate some things, like making the eyes larger and darker...

And just for fun - this is the steps I saved for a 'progress' animation I'll make when I'm done:
That's about it, I think. Hope you all had a great holiday.

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