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Pixel Art / This is the worst idea I have ever had (WARNING: Anime)
« on: April 19, 2012, 03:17:43 pm »
Back from a hiatus of being depressed from realizing that I am terrible at readability.

The idea behind this is what would happen if Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh were a dungeon master, complete with all of his holographic technology.

This is a SUPER ROUGH coloring still, probably shouldn't be considered pixel art yet, but I need to post a WIP sooner or later.  Also not every detail is drawn in or fleshed out yet and I'm sure there are readability issues everywhere despite my best attempts.

Pixel Art / Atari 2600 RPG mockup
« on: March 11, 2012, 05:00:27 am »
Inspired by BladeJunker's thread, I decided I wanted to try and make a mockup within Atari 2600 restrictions.  If this isn't considered true pixel art (and I can see why it wouldn't be) go ahead and move it to Low-spec or something.

The mockup is inspired by Strategic Simulations' AD&D games where map navigation is on a first person view, and baddies walk up to you before you go into combat (which is a separate screen which I haven't tried to draw yet).

I'm hoping to make sure the restrictions work out so hopefully BladeJunker will comment here.

Designed this so that the sky color can change and still look alright on daytime sky colors (also I just realized that I didn't adjust the colors on my desktop computer so the colors will most likely change).

This was fun to do.  I'll probably have to make improvements in readability for the armor.

Not sure what I want to do about the HUD at the bottom.  Not even sure what I want to put there to begin with since imitating the full statistical gameplay is out of the question.


Pixel Art / Mysterious stranger doing heroic things.
« on: November 13, 2009, 05:09:06 pm »
I've been working on this since this morning and for a decent part of yesterday.  I finally got a scanner and have been practicing drawing humans.  I finally decided to make a new pixel piece after a hiatus (where I've begun to do terrible but have gotten myself back on my feet).

I've decided to draw classic NES Link and attempt an action pose.

2x version for those with Firefox 3.
Original pencil drawing, the pixel version is flipped horizontally because Link is left handed and I didn't want to tick off purists.

I've gotten critique from a friend already and have worked on fixing a lot of mess ups, but C&C is still appreciated for the sake of improving myself.

Pixel Art / The Kat and the Fiddle (FINISHED)
« on: August 18, 2009, 02:19:22 pm »
Finished image:

I'll still take critique in mind for future works, though I don't know if I'll end up editing this any more.  I went ahead and submitted to Pixel Joint's gallery.


This was going to be for the Bandimals challenge on Pixeljoint, but then I realized that it needed to be an entire band, and I wasn't willing to think of more than two instruments for this, but I still wanted to do this anyway so I went ahead and just made it a standard piece.

Reference #1
Future reference

I spent a decent amount of time getting the pose passable, and I imagine more time will be spent after critique.  Yeah, these are just guidelines, but it's probably the most important part, so I need to get this right.  Colors used for the guideline are temporary and mostly to separate limbs and the fiddle from the base for easier viewing.


Got some critique from a friend.  Fixed the legs, and made the ears smaller (though probably too small, will make them slightly bigger in the next update.)


Another quick update.


Returning to the first WIP, but giving it the fix to the legs I had in WIP 2.


Began blocking out colors using greyscale.  Forgot to begin adding a fancy jacket and shirt, but having cleaned up lines will make this easier anyway.  This isn't going to be how the he will be lit, just getting a 3D object.


Alright, now the jacket & shirt come on, identifying him as a gentleman.

Pixel Art / CGA scene (Finished? Need C/C)
« on: August 09, 2009, 09:59:15 pm »
Hi.  So I recently got a flash card reader for my DS Lite, and my first instinct is to seek out drawing apps (so far UAPaint is the best and intended for pixel art).

I wanted to use the CGA palette, using the bright turquoise and purple palette.  I don't know why this palette seemed interesting to me, maybe it's because it's as far from reality as it gets, or maybe because it just screams 80's in an embarrassing moment.

Apparently CGA's resolution has stretched pixels, but I have to play by UAPaint's limitations before anything since it only allows 256x192 maximum image size, thus why half the image is my reference.

This is still a WIP, and I purposely uploaded the very, very basic build of the CGA scene before I continued so that I could go step by step and correct mistakes early on that people catch onto before they turn into a monster.

My next step is to correct some mistakes I made by not having the larger, more detailed, reference on my DS available that UAPaint could load.  Now that I have that though, I can load it up whenever I am confused by a part of the image.

EDIT: Oops.  Pixel image is now a .png.


This is with the above reference better taken into account.  Pretty much what I'm doing here is trying to represent with different colors, like the sky obviously being white, trees and grass being purple, trees and other plantlife that are sort of in the background being black, the building and road being turquoise (with the driveway that's clearly brighter in the reference as white).

I am hoping to refine this stage even further, and maybe get critique before I move on to adding more detail.


I think it's at this point I'm ready to start doing real color work to give objects more identity, especially on the building which obviously needs work.  Texture and flashiness won't be a priority yet though (but there's still the possibility of me getting carried away.)


Begin to try and get the windows and building into perspective better as well as give it definition (not too satisfied, but at least it's kinda better than just blobs of black that result in drawing the bench over the window bars), tried to define the yard under the tree by using a black line to separate it and the dirt (using the same color for dirt).  Drawn the blue area of the sky.


I learned that I got the perspective of the building wrong.  OOPS.  That's fixed in this image, thankfully, and now the building looks much better.  I also began adding detail to the image, and went ahead and added highlight to the truck's mirror.   Decided to just use black for shadows on the curb since the turquoise just blended into the road and I was already using purple for the grass.


Since nobody cared to critique it before I began polishing and adding a bunch of details (maybe nobody cared, or maybe I was doing well enough that I didn't need it.  Who knows?), I went ahead and did so, resulting in this image.  This is by no means finished, but getting there, of course.  I used dithering to give myself more flat colors, so to speak, and was the last thing I added (even after anti-aliasing).

EDIT: I deleted most of my WIP images to clean up my TinyPic space.

Pixel Art / Very inaccurate and messy portrait.
« on: December 02, 2007, 08:27:55 am »
I'm not sure why I decided to make a Hideo Kojima pixel, but I tried, and I don't think he looks like Hideo after all of that.  I even screwed up the perspective.  I'm wondering about the quality of what I *did* work with, though, and anything that might save this.

I'm honestly not sure how to do the jacket yet.

References: Photo of Hideo Kojima, and a pencil drawing.

Pixel Art / Practicing Dithering...
« on: September 20, 2007, 11:52:57 pm »

This isn't really a serious piece.  I just decided, "Hey.  Let's see how much I can shape that shoulder using just two colors."

So uh...  Yeah...  There isn't much.  Just a bunch of dithering

Pixel Art / Mobile Suit Victory Gundam
« on: September 16, 2007, 09:23:50 pm »

I'm still not satisfied with this, mostly because some things look weird, and lots of experimentation has caused a bit of inconsistency here and there.  None of the less, I think it's worth posting here by now.

I didn't draw this on paper this time.  I looked at a screenshot (which was much larger) of the V1 Gundam from the Victory Gundam anime for a start, then used's Victory Gundam profile lineart to help draw things that weren't visible in the screenshot.

By the way, I didn't go for either the overly dithered/rusted look or the shiny look (well, I could have made it a bit shiny (not too much where it looks chromed, just light shining off metal), but I keep forgetting to think of it).

Pixel Art / Hi. New to the forum.
« on: September 10, 2007, 08:58:41 am »
Not much to say about me.  Here's my opening image (zoomed by 200%).

I drew this character on paper first, scanned it into Paint Shop Pro 8, downsized the pencil image, created a new layer, then pixeled a black outline over it, so using a pencil image as a base would be the major non-pixel technique.

I screwed up during the layering process, accidentally drawing black outlines in the wrong layers (especially the background layer), so I ended up removing a lot of the image and keeping just the head and shoulders.

The only tool besides the eraser and brush I used would be the background eraser to help clean up a major screw up.

I didn't aim to use as few colors as possible, although I could probably use less on some of the outlines, if that is extremely important.

C&C welcome, and I'll see what I can do to improve the image.

EDIT: On the left, is the version with anti-aliased outlines only, and to the right is the one with the anti-aliased outlines and shades.

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