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Job offers / Art for platformer game
« on: February 29, 2020, 05:06:35 pm »

Pixel Art / [C+C] Trying to improve!
« on: November 26, 2016, 12:00:28 pm »
My name is Fabio  ;D.
I define myself an hobbyist game developer. I like games and I try to make them with Unity and C#.
However I've never completed anything. You have to know that, unfortunately, I'm a very impatient guy.
So everytime I had an idea about somehting, I've always rushed it, without taking in consideration the fact that MAYBE I needed a plan or a better understanding of the matter. Because of this, I've failed so many times. So many times I started something, completing it at 40-50% but then abandoning it because I was starting to think to another idea that maybe was better... Or i started to think that game developing was just not my thing.

So many games are incompleted in my PC....
So many people started to work with me but after we ended with nothing.
I've also lost many good partners because of this.
And that's all my fault.

And I've very realized it some weeks ago. Before I was just making excuses.

For this reason, I'm trying to change a bit the approach. I tried to listen to what my mind really needs. I've change my working setup and desktop and now , from some weeks I'm really trying to prepare myself for something that I need to face ALONE. I will make a game and everything of it will be made by it. Maybe I will not have success, maybe I will fail again...but right now I need to try to do it, with the passion that I've always had and have

Sorry for being long but I really needed to tell these things to someone.

But know let's go back to the thread. This will be a kind of diary of mine, I will try to post almost everyday new art. My objective is to improve every day and getting feedbacks by all you veterans that attend this forum.

PRE DIARY: Or what I've done till now.

I've purchased a course on Udemy and i started to follow it along. That's what I've made so far during that course:

A Character:

An Animated Coin:

A tree:

Little Drawing:

Swordman animation: very very proud of it


I wanted to make and animate a little monster. That's what I have created

Then I've starting animating it and I have created 2 frame Idle and a 4 frame walk/run:

What do you think?
I know that i have some problems with animation and drawing. For this reason I thought that maybe is a better idea to stick with 16x16 pixels frames.

Thank you!

Pixel Art / [C+C] A newbie's adventure to Pixel-Land
« on: September 30, 2015, 02:17:43 pm »
Hello Everyone ! :)
My name is Fabio and i'm mainly a Unity Developer. i've always wrote C# scripts using other's art, except for something really quick that i could do in Blender.
I've discovered Pixel Art basically 5 days ago: or rather i've got into pixel art 5 days ago, and the feedbacks are that i LOVE PIXEL ART.

I like it not only because i'm a huge fan of retro 2d games, but also because it allow me to reach objectives and accomplishing something quicklier than any other kind of art.

So i've posted here to ask you some suggestions on how to start, how to improve and so on. Actually i hope that i really become good in pixel art: i've always had a nice imagination, but my drawing skills are not good and for this reason i had always to get artists to make some games...but now things may really change!

All the sprites that i'm going to upload in this post were made yesterday and today. I'll upload them in order of making, so you can tell me if you see any improvements:

Some self criticism:
I know that i'm not good at drawing: in fact i've some serious problems with hands/foots
I'm not good at shading either: i've some problems choosing the right colors!

Some questions that i would like you to answer me:
How can i improve this skill overall?
What do you suggest in order to be able to create nice sprites for games(unity)?
How can i draw from my own imagination? (till now i had always something from reference to get the basic shape and then i started changing it)
What do you suggest to begin animating a character? (the last viking for example)

Thanks for all the suggestions!

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