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Portfolios / Hai- Concept Artist/Illustrator Available for Work
« on: July 30, 2015, 10:44:28 am »
Hi,Im Hai Concept Artist and Illustrator.

What I can do for you:

-create artwork for kickstarter campaigns
-work on projects that require IP Development, and Art Direction
-concepting of game worlds   
-illustrating your general marketing material

Strong points: 

-focus on quality assets that support your gameplay
-fast and reliable working
-good eye for different styles
-understanding of various markets
-highly flexible   

Aside from that I have experience in business and marketing, so I have good sense when it comes to developing your IP for the target audience.

Come in contact with me to discuss your project, budget and rates. I always make specific arrangements to tailor to the projects requirements.
If you are starting out, I recommend you start with simple illustrations first. If you already have established multiple board games or IPs, I can support the team and make sure quality stays on top.


-My brain(this is most important)
-3D Software(3ds Max, Modo)

For commissions and rates, please contact me at:

Get in touch with me, if you are interested. :)

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