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General Discussion / Wacom tablet for pixel art?
« on: August 12, 2014, 05:45:53 am »

I'm looking to venture into the pixel art world and was wondering something that has been asked several times before for sure, but wanted to ask myself anyway after extensive search with varied results (as expected); I hope you won't mind. Do you use and/or recommend a tablet for Pixel Art?

I'm looking to create assets in the like of Risk of Rain, though I have never made any pixel art work. I have mostly worked on Photo Manips and some Digital Art which you can see here, and I probably can't draw a stick figure even if my life depended on it, though I hope with some practice simpler pixel art might be achievable until I can make something like the previous screenshot.

The one I was eyeing is the Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch (Small), since it seems to be affordable and I doubt the extra features that come with the higher end tablets will be very useful for pixel art. What do you think about the size by the way?

While I'm at it, i may as well ask which software you use as well. I have seen many possibilities from ProMotion for the more professional maybe, to GraphicsGale and Grafx2 or GIMP and Photoshop. At the moment I'm thinking on sticking with Photoshop, but suggestions are always welcome.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read and reply, I really appreciate it!


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