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Job offers / [PAID] 2D Online Multiplayer RPG Game Artist Required...
« on: June 26, 2013, 09:02:47 pm »
Status: Closed!

I'm currently programming a 2D online RPG/fantasy game which is coming along nicely and nearly finished. It has many features that you see in games of this type/genre i.e. guilds, quests, etc. But I have also developed a turn-based battle system which adds a whole different set of mechanics and strategy that envelops the user. I've worked very hard on it but it has come to the stage where I need custom graphics/artwork. With the main area being in-game art i.e. pixel art. My exact project details are a little personal but obviously if you do work for me I will explain more as we work together. I'm very open with this project, in the sense that I like bouncing ideas off of each other and giving the artist a lot of freedom. I'm a very down to earth person with no strict deadlines, so I think you will enjoy working with me :).
I am an indie game developer working by myself but I can assure you, the game engine has some very sweet features and is quite powerful. I'm dedicated and with some great graphics I feel this could be a hit. The type of work I'd be needing in order of importance, will be:

Character Templates
My game has 4 main classes and therefore I would like 4 character templates for a player to chose from. This will be for both male and female genders, for a total of 8 templates (but male and female are going to be very similar).

4 x Male character template (naked and bold but with underwear)
   4 Directions – Up, Down, Left, Right.
   4 Frames (minimum) per direction (frames can be repeated i.e. 2 standing frames).
   Action Frames: Walking, Attacking, Climbing, Swimming.
4 x Female character template (naked and bold but with underwear)
   Same details as above.
6 x Male hairs
   Same details as above.
6 x Female hairs
   Same details as above.

I have paperdolling enabled which means users can see what items characters have equipped, so a size of 32x64 is required. Not too big but not too small that you cannot see important detail.
Not all features need to be completed, so if you think you only have time for say 2 character templates, this is fine with me. I'd rather have 1 solid looking template than nothing at all.
I have coded the following character customisation features in my game:
   Bodies – This will just be male or female for now.
   Hairs – Separate from the body.
   Paperdolling – Characters can equip and unequip items which will visually show on-screen/in the world. The “layers” are:
      Head (Helmet, etc)
        Back (Wings, Backpack, etc)
      Weapon 1
      Weapon 2
   Colour Picking – I don’t need different coloured body/hair sprites as I can dynamically change the colour in real-time.

8+ x NPC Monster Sprites
   Same as character information but do not use the paperdoll effect i.e. design, equipment, etc should all be included.
   To include weak to strong (cuter to more evil) looking monsters.
   Bosses – So include a variant to some monsters i.e. a in-game battle could consist of 5 Fluffy Sheep monsters and 1 Fluffy Boss Sheep, which looks roughly the same but different (bigger? fluffier? angrier?).

I would like various tile sets of environments such as grass, water, rocks, caves, buildings, houses, etc.

For the tile sets, if you want, I'm open to texture work as well. By this I mean not just pixel art. If you check out a game called Sagramore Online, you will see what I mean. Again, this is just a suggestion.

*self explanatory*
I have examples of what I like and what rough direction I want to go down, so if we go further with this I can show you these references and discuss in-depth about the project.
This will be a paid job and a good chance for you to add to your portfolio. I'm willing to pay a very competitive rate and I recognise good work when I see it. I can pay via PayPal or any other preferred method.
Please message me if you're interested.
Many thanks,

Status: Closed!

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