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Job offers / [PAID] 5 characters, 5 backgrounds, 3 items
« on: May 27, 2013, 07:28:57 pm »
Can you please PM me with a quote on how much you would charge for the following? And also please send me a link or example of other pixel art you've done in the past. I am looking for someone who can start immediately and have this project finished within 1 week.

I need a skilled pixel artist to create 5 characters, 5 backgrounds and 3 items for me in the style of 16-bit graphics (for example Super Nintendo). Please see attachment for example of style for character and items:

- example character art style (need to have front view, back view, and walk view)
- example items art style (need "suit and tie", "stack of documents" and "photograph")

The characters that need to be created are "hipsters". I would want these 5 characters translated into 16-bit graphics in the style of "example_character.png". Please see attached image for characters I need translated into 16-bit graphics:

- cast of characters

This is for a vertical scrolling game, so the background will be moving vertically, and it should be seamless. The middle of the background will be mostly simple, and the edges have more graphics. Please see attached image for example of background. But, the style should be more 16-bit pixel graphics:

- example background art style

Here is a description of the backgrounds:
- Thrift Store - (light green carpet in middle with racks of clothing on the edges)
- Record Shop (carpet in middle with rows of records on the outsides)
- Food Co-op (concrete floor middle with shelving and food products on one side and produce (fruits and vegetables) on the other side)
- Music festival (grassy middle with tents and people on blankets on the edges)
- Coffee shop (hardwood floors in the middle with people sitting at tables on the edges)

The sizes of the graphics are as follows:
- Characters need to fit within 42px by 25px
- Items need to fit within 30px by 30px
- Backgrounds need to be 640px by 1136px (verticle)

Email me if you need clarification! Thanks!

Here is the attached image link:

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