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Job offers / (Paid) $4 per tile or $25/hr
« on: April 09, 2013, 06:30:16 pm »

I'm looking for a "go to" artist or two for a project of mine. There is no set schedule and I'm fairly reasonable when it comes to deadlines.

I generally work as follows: a 'sample' is provided of the task by the artist, such as a single frame, or a mockup.  When we're content with the design of the piece, the artist is free to complete it, and after they've sent a .jpg as proof, payment will be sent. After a relationship has developed, I'll usually send straight after the sample.

The price for the task is agreed on beforehand. I'm a negotiable guy and will try to provide the best that I can within my self-funded indie budget.

In need of a range of assets - versatile artists are more than welcome:

- sprites
- tilesets
- character clothing
- interface work
- possibly digital art

If interested, write an e-mail to with samples provided. Alternatively, feel free to PM me. You can find the general pricing of assets below, but of course, this is always up for discussion. =)


Usually, the artist will decide frame count and sizing to what they think will be best - however, we'll settle on the general workload / assets beforehand and come to a price we both believe is reasonable.

Images, at the end of the post, are of the project and the art style that will need to be matched.

Please provide a general quote for the commissions you're interested in along with the content you'll be drawing for said tasks. =)

All related assets to the requested commissions will be sent before the piece is began.



Village Tilesets

- Desert

There are no tiles drawn for this besides the actual desert tileset (which could probably do with some expansion).

Something similar to this might work:

- pathway with edges $10
- palm tree $15
- customizable buildings (similar to the screenshot provided). should be able to use the tileset for walls. $50
- two banners (one small and one large) $10
- marketplace $50
- 32x32 objects $10
- stairs $5

- Snow

An igloo and a house have been drawn, along with the base snow tiles as well as a variety of snow covered trees. The igloo will most likely be placed outside of the actual village, so there's not much to work with right now.

- pathway with edges $10
- variety of buildings $100
- two banners (one small and one large) $10
- stairs $5
- variety of 32x32 objects (snowmen, f.ex) $25

"Dark" $150

A not-so-cherry place with a spooky theme to it. It looks like a slum and it's full of equally slummy NPCs.

- customizable buildings + some standalone ones $150
- dark grass (using the existing tiles; recolor with minor tweaks) $5
- dark wall (recolor / tweaks) $10
- pathway w/ edges $10
- stairs $5


All should have a fantasy twist about them - whether it's their size, colouring, or general design.

Each sprite will require a movement animation (north, east, south - 4 frames), an attack animation (3 frames), and a short death loop.

Not too sure on pricing. Guestimates.

- bat $25
- snake $25
- fox $50
- skeleton $60


Will send the related effect art for these attacks.

- Circular blue energy shield. (32x32)
- A shockwave of blue energy in a single direction.
- Short loop effect of a golden energy ring that constricts around the target (32x32).
- Golden meteor shaped 'energy blast'. ~48x48

- A 'vine whip' attack.
- Area of effect: thorns/vines that cover a 5x5 tiled area. Can recycle tiles if possible. Should be animated.
- A seed that sprouts into into vines which ensnare the target.
- Wooden 'spear' projectile.
- Wooden pillar that sprouts up from the ground.

- A 3x3 purple mist of 'poison'. Short loop.
- A smaller poison cloud loop.

- A slick of lava, similar to the firewave projectile in size. $20
- A 'magma punch' for the character's attack animation. $10
- 32x32 lava sludges that fade away. $15

Character Gear

Character Sprite. A lot of the frames are recycled:

A general quote for a full body outfit (head, upper body, lower body) would be appreciated.

Weapons. 32x32, max. of 48x48, 3 unique frames. $6 per weapon design.


Still finalizing the designs for this but I have about $200 to work with, perhaps.


Screenshots of tiles / art style: [/U]

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