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Job offers / [Paid] [Filled] Isometric animated fantasy sprites
« on: November 25, 2012, 05:51:35 pm »
Hey, I'm a developer looking into making a turn based tactical game and, obviously, I need assets. To keep it short:

  • Isometric sprites done at a single angle (no back view, sides will be mirrored).
  • Two animations: idle and attack, shouldn't (but of course can) be more than 30 frames total for most demanding units (stationary ones will likely use less than flying ones with animated wings).
  • High fantasy setting, all characters will be either humanoid or otherwise not too far away from human-size: anything from small goblins to big trolls, orcs and the likes, angels with wings and more or less mutated demons, your usual happy crowd :).
  • Might be able to provide concept art or even full fleshed digital art if time allows to base the sprites on.

I'd be most happy if the sprite were as big as it's humanly possible to animate within reason, some sort of a proof of concept and art style I'm looking for:

I want to produce a tech demo of some sort first, for which I need just a few of those (3 would be perfect really) - for a final feature complete playable game I'll need either 32 or 40 of those - everything depending on time and how much my wallet can afford over time.

For more details shoot me an email or contact via skype at: maciej.hirsz (UTC+1)

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