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Job offers / [PAID] [FILLED] Looking for artist - Multiplayer Tower Defense
« on: November 13, 2012, 04:21:06 pm »
Hello, my name is Robert, I am from Polliwog Studios. ( The website is still being worked on, which will be ready for the launch of our game.

Our current project is called Team Tower Defense.

We are a new studio, but we have been creating games individually for quite some time now.  Our first game together is a multiplayer tower defense game, where 8 people can play at a time, with up to 4 players per team. Players spawn creeps to try to overpower their enemies towers, while at the same time building a strong defense of towers.  Our game will be completed this month programming wise, so it is time to start to get our art assets in place.

We need:

-60 enemy creeps. Creeps are allowed to be up to 64x64, with varied sizes depending on the 'strength' of the creep. We have 15 'boss' creeps that need to look impressive. Monsters position filled, thanks.
-15 towers. Towers are 64x64, they need to be animated for an idle position, as well as a firing animation.Filled, thanks.
-Tileset. The tileset that we need isn't huge, and is 32x32 tiles. We need a few different environments, such as lava, grassland, frozen, but the tiles needed per tileset are pretty low. Tilesets filled thanks.

What we need from an artist:
- Able to communicate clearly with us for our design ideas.
- Able to be creative. We want our art to stand out from other games.
- Good animation skills, all of the art we need will be animated(except for tilesets).
- Quick worker, but at the same time high quality.

I am not sure how long a project like this will take to create art wise, but we are hoping to be launched at the end of the month. I'm not sure if that is feasible, we might need to split the artwork up with artists. If that is the case, we will need the artists to be able to work together to keep the art styles similar.

Payment will be done through paypal. We can work a deal per creep/tower, and how frequent you receive payments will be up to you. I am fine with every time something is completed, weekly, or when the project is finished. I am willing to pay industry standards for rates. I would prefer a flat rate per tower/creep/tileset if possible so I can know what my cost is going to be from the start.  We do have a budget for this project, so compensation will be fair and paid on time.

I can be contacted at robert [at] Please provide a link to sample creature or building pixelart.

You can be located anywhere, although strong English is required so we can get our ideas across accurately.


Robert - Polliwog Studios

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