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Portfolios / Professional Pixel Artist & Animator
« on: December 11, 2017, 09:10:20 am »

My name is Patrick and I'm a professional Game Artist. I have eleven years of experience in total and approximately six and a half years of experience working independently through freelancing full-time as a game artist or working through my company.

I have taken some time away from client work in the past six to eight months to focus on some company goals and relocate myself and the company, but I am now back and I'm looking to focus entirely on Pixel Art based contracts!


Below is a temporary set of samples that will be cleaned up and updated over the next week or so, I am using this post as a hub to link many people to instead of relying on constantly posting the same information and links to many different people upon request. If you do stumble upon this post and want to get in touch, the best means of communication would be E-Mail.

These Goblin sprites were created for a client based on a couple of sketches provided,  the total time taken to create the sprites and animate them based on those sketches was approximately 8 hours.

Here are the sketches provided and the sprites that were conceived from those sketches which are what you see animated in the album link above!

Here are some other random, animated samples for you to preview...

These samples will be cleaned and updated very soon and more work will be added shortly. The samples provided here should be enough for you to see the level of fluidity and my ability to work from a wild range of frame limitations and resolutions though!

Static samples, this album is a little jumbled right now, I'll post a couple of the better pieces below but feel free to sift through the images in the album until I can sort through them properly and arrange a better portfolio set for you here in this post.

Here is the album link:

The top row are the sprites provided by the client, the bottom row are my recreations with the new art style and direction of the project but maintaining the resolution restrictions.

Left are the provided placeholder sprites and the right are my recreations of the sprites for the client.

Kind Regards,

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