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General Discussion / My Palette Collection
« on: January 16, 2013, 03:51:49 am »
Hi.  I'm Streaks and I make games.  I'm a bit of a nostalgia junky aswell.  One of my projects is a spoof retro game system called Obsoleet.  It emulates pixelly-palettey screenmodes efficiently and you can switch palettes instantly on-the-fly.  Usually, holding the middle-mouse-button opens a palette menu, the contents of which is automatically populated by palette files in the palette folder.

Point is... maybe someone here might have a use for them.

The Obsoleet collumn are my spoof retro machines that I play around with.  Admiral 16 is a Commodore 64 spoof, with a similarly desaturated 16-colour palette.  Some other colour-sets bare explanation, so ask if you're interested.  "Library", for example is my collection of named colours I started like 4 years ago for a UI project and became one of my beloved children because I have no life.

Now... the last collumn is called  Little story about how I found this site.  When I started on this Obsoleet game engine project (2010 or 2011, I forget), I did a little googling for people's custom palettes, and the only thing I found of interested was a post on this site from someone called Arne who proposed a few nice 8-colour palettes.  I included them because I like them, for private experimenting.  Later I added a few more palettes that people had suggested on this site - some interesting sets from pixel-art challenge threads.  All named after the proposer.  Ages ago I made this account so I could send a PM to Arne and (I think) Locoluis, but I spent like months trying to get a verification email.  like 6 month later I manged, sent messages, and still no reply.  I just logged in again today, and my sent folder is empty.  Either it failed or the sent folder self-empties after a while, or whatever.

Anyway, very impressive stuff on this site.  Hope this can be of some use to someone, or at least slightly ammusing.  :P  PS don't rip off my obsoleet stuff.  I sweated over them.  :P

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