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So every now and then i get a bug to do writeups on stuff that everyone else has already done a billion times. This particular exercise has been largely motivated by the latest cluster exercise threads helm has going on in the general discussion forum.

Essentially i got wondering what a classic sprite might look like with a more modern aesthetic. Both Capcom and SNK have their takes on this in their crossover series. Both with distinctively cleaner styles, but both still maintaining their general classic signature styles. Being either vein or courageously stupid, i wanted to have a go at recreating a classic from scratch, using my own rules and other community influences.

Heres the final sprite rendition i came up with, and ill follow up with the progression.
updated and edited version

I originated with a high-res sketch. i was originally intending perhaps to do a high-def sprite render along side of this (and i still might give it a go). the rough result looked something as follows.

this was likely sufficient for my purposes as a pixel sprite sketch, but i spent a little time blocking in some values and came to a final 'sketch' version.

the face is starting to get away from me here along with a few other details. this would have to be addressed if doing an HD render right away

This is where you can go several different ways -and perhaps worth pursuing further. I opted not to color the higher res sketch to a more formal color render and scale down to begin working in pixels immediately.

My first scale down was rather interesting, i was rather pleased with the overall results for a base. Ultimately while shrinking down using NN interpolation, i also limited the color sampling to a workable range of values (8). Knowing that im going to have to rework just about every pixel anyway, save the flat areas of color, i didnt care much for too many values.

To continue on, its really a matter of progressive pixel rendering from here. Trying to keep things sharp, clean, not overblend things where they neednt be. here are some progression images to illustrate my progress.

I am feeling about 97% good about the end result. there may be some very minor changes to make imo from here but its largely a matter of the last touches as i have fresh eyes to see them and perhaps some personal rendering style/choice. I may make some tiny fiddles but this is largely done.

Pixel Art Feature Chest / GR#064 - RPG Sprites
« on: July 23, 2011, 08:14:19 pm »
Yeah its been too long sice ive had to pixel anything. just starting a thread to post some things that ill be working on to try to warm up the ol' pixel skills. After trying out some weird girl in a dress sprite i feel like theres a lot of practice that needs to be done to get back into the habit.


will post more as i get around to drawing them.

Pixel Art Feature Chest / GR#026 - Brawler - Sprite Process
« on: June 26, 2010, 07:47:42 pm »
edit: upped the saturation a bit so that the vibrance ive intended to comes across on most monitors
nother edit- really had to adjust some things on the low gamut monitor

I wanted to give a go at something i havent tried in a very long time. A 2d brawler sprite. My figure drawing has sadly only mildly improved over the years, so for you anatomy experts, i definitely would love to hear some of your comments! I havent gone all out to completely finish the sprite so that i would have some energy left to adjust him according to the feedback i receive.

for the sake of conversation, ive also saved some procedural step-by-steps as well to chart my progress along the way.

Step1 : drawing out my character - so this is probably my weakest point here and is probably true for most artists whod want to make a sprite like this. Its not my favorite pose nor the most dynamic, but i thought it was functional enough to work with. Sketched it at about 800x800 pixels for about 30 mins or so and scaled down to the size i wanted to work at

Step2: basic fills - Next i want to choose my overall palette hues. Ive lumped this in with my rough outlining of the lineart in pixels because doing some paint bucket fills hardly qualifies as a step worth explaining. Im picking darker values for most stuff, except for the skin, where i like to pick a midtone in the lighter range of the ramp (pretty much always with skin). Its just a personal thing, but usually i try to keep the values consistent, aka 'use this materials shadow tone and this other materials shadow tone' etc.

Step3: hitting some basic shading. im using the color replacer brush in paintshop pro (which essentially is a value swap brush) so that i dont disturb the rough lineart too much more than it already is. I am trying to keep the contrast pretty high (note it could probably be a bit higher).

Step4 : just colored some outlines here so that theyre not all black - this sprite isnt the best example for the relevance of this step :/

Step5: adding first blending values. Trying to smooth out my shapes and give it some softness where needed.

Step6: addin other values and hit with highlights - err i combined this stage but it should be seperate i guess. if i had gone through and finished it it would probably be worth separating into two stages.

it was certainly a fun exercise to get here but there are some small details that im just not that confident about. in particular the forearm musculature, the fist in the foreground, and some of the specifics of pantfolding. of course if theres anything else glaring that im missing too feel free to comment ^_^.

Pixel Art Feature Chest / GR#025 - Tree - Foliage/Canopy
« on: June 22, 2010, 03:09:32 am »
seeing a lot of tree attempts lately so i thought that i would go through one and hopefully some others might find it useful. fair warning its not my favorite tree but it doesnt like being called names so ill leave it at that.

just blocking out here - getting the shape of the tree. Ive got some basic globular highlights to rough out the tree's general volume, and define how i want to lay out the leaf clusters.

roughing in some highlights - trying to shape out how my tree leaf structure will fall on the general areas of higlight i hit previous to this. if i were to be presenting a proper step by step this step would have been a bit more cleaned up.

adding some more structure and highlights to the leaves. ive chosen to go with globular leaves but you could use other patterns as you refine as well, depending on what type of tree you might want to end up with (consider certain trees have certain shapes as well). Im trying to get certain groups of leaves to project outward in a way that will be consistent with the tree's general form and the viewing perspective that is desired.

going through and really refining leaf structure, trying to be careful not to individualize everything, but still make certain groups pop to give the tree a sense of roundness. I also introduce a few values in the leaves that are more yellowish than green that have luminosity quite similar to other darker green values already present in the leaves. This breaks up an overwhelming uniformity of green values found throughout the tree, in my opinion making it feel a bit more organic. There are a few leaf structure choices here that got away from me a bit, and felt that some of the earlier versions had a better feeling to them. So let that be a lesson not to overwork your leaf structures!

Pixel Art Feature Chest / GR#024 - Demon - Anatomy
« on: May 24, 2010, 09:26:09 pm »
I posted this thread this morning and it seems the boards simultaneously crashed when i submitted the thread.

I had worked on a piece recently and I wanted to post progress pieces here. Just to preface it, theres some anatomy issues happening, the whip is a bit weird the way its being held and some other details that i can spot, but i wanted to get it done, i was excited to do so, and i went with things. (thats my rather quick summation of the more elaborate explanation i typed previously

initial stages sketched up and blocked out in photoshop, pixel detail followed up in paintshop pro.


Progress from the last WIP - fleshing in more detail and a bit more refinement in shapes and details. Some detail im starting to really enjoy, others still need a lot of work - Tree form needs some sorely needed attention - i want to resist doing really odd looking trees that look out of touch with how they would really grow, but the current foreground trees are looking a bit sad, so ill be paying close attention to them very soon.

Also another robot iteration with a bit more detail in him (dont like the pose, back leg faces too 'forward' and not enough slant towards camera, but not a bad iteration in my opinion. really like the rim lighting , should pop him off nicely against most backgrounds. makes him more interesting and visible.


Old Stuff in this thread -

Initial character progression concepts.

some of the first concept pieces i had roughed together -

Pixel Art / [WIP] Freeform piece - C64 palette [nudity]
« on: July 08, 2009, 05:33:40 am »
So i thought id share with everyone a piece im working on on and off for a bit now. My original intention with it was to do just a rather free form globular evolution piece with a palette ive never worked with before (c64 palette). I was hoping that it would force me to try to think about using colors in ways i might not have thought about previously. Let me just post the latest in progress render -

I feel theres still a lot to sort out composition-wise, things i keep changing my mind with, things im experimenting with and such. On the technical side of this, just to clarify, i wasnt looking to work in the exact tech limitations of the console as i felt that was a rather daunting task having never used the palette before. I know some of you mods might find that disappointing so ill have to apologize in advance.

for fun i compiled an animation of some of the progress points i managed to keep saved.

It might take a good deal of time but i definitely plan on finishing this thing and will be looking forward to updating this thread as i progress.

General Discussion / PLEASE READ: Temp server [RESOLVED]
« on: August 30, 2006, 10:23:44 pm »
First of all, id like to thank Dan for being our temporary saving grace for giving us this space for a brief period of time. Some things are being ironed out with a more stable, capable host. I apologize for the short inconvenience.

ill expect this switch to happen no later than a week from now, ill post a warning to let everyone know when this will go down so there are no surprises.

keep the pixels purple,



Ok so after a short delay, it appears we got the forum successfully switched. please PM a mod if you see anything extremely different than what youd expect or recognize.

Once again i apologize for the down service, we should be up and running smoothly now for a good amount of time.

please note that PAO homesite and other associated sites should be up and online within the next day or so.


Hey Fellow Pixellers,

Some time over the next 72 hours, pixelopolis will be switching to a new server. I do not expect this to change much of the activity flow on the boards, but there might be an interim of a few hours downtime for the forums.

With this switch, we will ensure that this fine community will have a home for the upcoming years and hopefully longer.


Pixel Art / wee green fatso
« on: June 10, 2006, 02:23:29 am »
i dont get to post a lot of art as of late unfortunately, i hope to change that but im still not in a position to have a lot of free time to do the kindof art i like in my free time, but i thought id share these miserably tiny animations of some abominable creatures shrunk down to ungodly small size. I dont profess the animation to be perfect, the face glitches kindof in a strange manner and it could go through another pass of tweaking, but id rather spend that time on making something new and exciting!

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