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Job offers / SouthGent Studios - Tileset(blocks) artist needed[paid]
« on: October 24, 2011, 04:32:18 pm »
We are currently looking for a sprite artist to make 16x16 or 24x24 tiles. I am not sure which one would work best.
The block instructions and how they would fit together can be found .
I would like the art style to reflect early SNES RPG games like or If I can get 1 sample block we can go from there. I don't see this taking long and each block set(should be about 8 per set) I'll pay around 50$ for.I will needs lots of them so if I can stick to one artist the tiles alone I should end up paying several hundred all together. If you could send me a grass sample(grass on top dirt at bottom.Think of this game as a Mindcraft/Zelda Hybrid) . Please Email me at

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