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My name is SpoodlyPoofs. I run a tiktok channel.
I am looking for an pixel artist animator to do a simple up and down bounce of my character -Dino- and a not so simple hyperbeam attack. I was going for a 32x32 pixel character but will leave that up to the professional. I have done a hyperbeam before in one of my videos and will be using the same sound effect for it. Just like in the video the screen will be darkening before the attack happens. Id like to see his pixel eye turn blue along with his back plates. I will make every attempt to display the creators name within the video itself and any links I can to any other work youd like. Tiktok however doesnt like links so it will have to be done on youtube for direct links.
Hyperbeam video link

If your interested please send an email to my business email address

P.s. price is negotiable depending on complexity.

Thank you,

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