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Pixel Art / Tiny Spartan
« on: December 29, 2006, 09:20:31 am »
Well, yeah.  Holy crap, Pyro's back.

It's nothing spectacular, but then again, I have not pixeled in about 9 months.

C+C, as always baby.

Portfolios / [RESUME/Portfolio] Mike M./PyroPiranha
« on: February 03, 2006, 02:48:59 am »

I have been doing pixel art for approximately 3 and a half years, I have worked on several freeware projects, as well as commercial projects that unfortunately fell through due to various circumstances, however I have grown from each of these situations.

I have experience in both traditional, pixel, and cg art.  I am flexable in style, and a hard worker.  I will offer fair prices and I provide a quality product.

Some samples of my work can be found below
Note: Upon request, I am willing to do a trial animation/sprite for you, to reflect current skill obtained between now and the creation of sample sprites. 
If you're interested in contacting me, feel free to use the personal messaging system on this forum , or e-mail me at

With regards,


Pixel Art / Mini Soldier
« on: January 23, 2006, 09:56:12 pm »
Whoa man, like...yeah, I havent actually posted a pixel piece in...

Anywho, working a bit tiny, but I like it so far, might animate it, make some more...either way, I'd appreciate some C+c.

With regards,

01/24 - Update below.

Pixel Art / Robotic Alien Priest
« on: November 24, 2005, 07:12:17 am »
Yeah, so, I haven't pixeled in a uber long time, and when I do I get something weird like...

this.  I was trying a new style, working small, and using a lower ammount of colors.  C+C welcome, as always :)

General Discussion / To Whom it should concern.
« on: August 18, 2005, 03:53:37 am »

I want to apologize ahead of time if this post comes accrossed as a bit harsh, it probably is.  From what I've seen, the majority of these candidates running for these elections have treated the concept like a joke, throwing out every political cliche and more imaginable, not saying every candidate, but a majority have.  All I can say is, if you aren't going to take the position seriously, please do the community a favor and don't run for the position at all.  As for the community, sure the joke is mighty fun to run with for awhile, but in the long run it's just going to be another blow to the forums, which is having enough issues in it's own respect getting back on it's feet.  My biggest question is, as complex and perhaps at a glance funny a political forum system seems, there's a good idea in it.  If you guys choose some serious representatives, you will be able to directly address issues that affect you and everyone.  I'm not just saying this because I'm a moderater, in fact I just finished a 30 minute or so bitching to Pep on why I thought the idea of a government placed in pixelation would fail, and I realized after every word I said why it would sort of work.  Because when concerns like mine, or yours are formed, they can easily be resolved without any dispute of it being done.  We all miss the old pixelation, I know.  But guys, the old forum was lines of code, we're people.  Cowboy up and lets rebuild, without using the excuse of stubborn people don't want change, ___ is futile/pointless, or any other excuses.  Pep has presented us with the opportunity to make the forum, literally all it can and should be.  As complex and silly as the system looks at a glance, it can work.

Now that little bit is taken care of, I'd like to address the serious candidates, or the now serious candidates, and I look forward to some responses, and I hope the vast majority of serious members of the forum do.  Some concerns that I found on the old forum where the quality of posts.  I'm not talking the quality of art, in respects of a new pixel artists in comparison to a great.  I'm talking about quality in terms of well thought out replies, or something someone has generally taken time, and put pride in.  I don't really like these posts "I know it sucks, but here it!" That's no attitude for improvement, and if you're looking for sympathy, and a pat on the back that says it's good, you're in the wrong place.  Pixelation is a critique forum.  Does this give everyone the right to rip everyone apart?  Hell no, that isn't teaching someone by just pointing out faults of a piece in such a stylistic and malicious way with hopes of gaining some sort of "outlaw, no holds barred" critiquing reputation.  Sure, it's great to express views, and I'm all for being honest, but there is also some degree of morals that people need to hold when critiquing.  I'm a fan of the 1/3 ration for critiquing.  One positive aspect of the piece for every three genuine critiques.  If you can't find something good, that means one of two things.  One being, you're in no position to reply, or the other being this person took little time in a piece.  And instead of calling the second option to every ones attention with a reply such as "you took like 5 minutes on this crap, other people who's threads deserve c+c get bumped because of crap like this" Leave the thread alone.  If everyone leaves it alone, the people who need and deserve c+c will get it, without needless arguing and defacing of other members.  I have been on the other spectrum of a member, I sure as hell wasn't always a moderator.  I know how problems arise, very few are because of grand scale events, they result over little things that are easily prevented.  That's where you candidates are left, to propose to us, yes even the moderators how such issues I have mentioned should/could be resolved.

That was the past, I'd like to address the future now.  The easiest way to fix a problem, is for the problem to never happen.  I think that with a new forum, we're presented with two opportunities.  Evolution, or devolution. Sure, big words to throw around when dealing with "just a forum", but none the less, the forum can be ours, to improve skills, make friends, and debate issues peacefully.  Debating and fighting are two entirely different things.  With starting over, in a certain respect we have the duty(moderators, representatives, and users, even the casual ones) to rebuild this place to something bigger and better then pixelation.  What attracted everyone to pixelation?  You'll get similar answers from everybody.  It was an orderly forum, that had no more problems then the next one, where people where constantly improving and helping out.  It was a place for employers to find employees, basically a pixel artists dreams.  That was the appearance on the surface at least, any regular would know there was subtle problems that festered into bigger ones.  Just keep those in mind when we rebuild.  I believe that certain issues the moderation staff, myself included may have been a bit too layed back on punishment.  Or where we?  Things like this is why you guys absolutely need to take running and voting serious, the titles may sound funny, but the ideas that can come from them are dead serious.

I would like to hear feedback from not just representatives, but other moderators, and users, so that I can have an idea where everyone stands with some of the issues I brought up :)

- Mike

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