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Portfolios / [OPEN] Pixel Artist SUPREME w/ Toppings
« on: June 08, 2020, 05:20:53 pm »
Email -
Discord - Monte#9931

Legit, I'm the best. Try getting to the bottom of this post without hiring me .  ;)

Also, I've included a ton of extra work through the imgur links below; please make sure to check them out. I do not do Rev-Share.


Pixel Daily (1-day art challenge) for #Repurpose



**Pixel Art Rendered @ 1080p!

CLICK once to enlarge. SCROLL Right/Left to view full image or OPEN the image in a new tab and fullscreen with F11

**Full piece with layers here -

Self Projects -
Animations -
Effects -
Monsters -
Various Work -
Super Suteki -
Sketches -

Released/In Progress Titles:
Published game "Nocturne: Prelude" (Various Field and Battle Animations, and Level Tiling):
Upcoming game "Kynseed" (Animation Assistance):
Published Steam game, "Change" (2018 - Location Backgrounds/Animation - Library, Shops, etc.):
Published Steam game, "Evil Hazard" (2015 - Backgrounds and various Animations):
Published iOS game, "Tiny World" (2014 - Levels and Animation):

-Looking for something bigger/smaller/thicker/more detailed? Send me a message (Email/Discord links below) and I'd be happy to give an estimate!

Speaking of revisions, I normally don't charge for them unless a revision requires completely redoing an agreed on piece or goes 4+ revisions deep for something relatively unnoticeable. To date (8 years doing pixel-work), I've only had 2-3 instances where revisions that deep were utilized. I generally prefer half payment up front and half upon completion through Paypal. I respond pretty quickly to email and Discord, so please send any queries my way.

Show me a style, and I can likely replicate it.

Seriously, my contact info's right here. Hurry up; I'm not going to hire myself!

Email -
Discord - Monte#9931

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