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Hey guys,

I've been doing some of my own art for my games recently.  I draw in Photoshop with a Wacom Bamboo tablet.

One thing that's been tripping me up lately is flood-filling an area after I draw an outline.  For example, if I wanted to draw an orange, I would first draw a black outline of a circle with my tablet, and then flood-fill the inside with an orange color.  The problem I've been experiencing has to do with the anti-aliasing of it all: whenever I execute this flood fill, there's always a space of emptiness between the border and the filled color.

What settings do I need to change to make the fill more accurate?  I've set my flood fill's anti-alias on (off doesn't help either), I've tried increasing the Tolerance, but nothing seems to help.

EDIT: see my reply instead.

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