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Job offers / [CLOSED] Looking for Game Pixel Artist/Animator
« on: September 21, 2019, 03:38:17 am »
Hello, my name is Jose and I'm a single indie dev. I'm looking for a pixel artist/animator for a working title of mine.

List of animations I'll need.

    -         Idle

    -         Run

    -         Dash

    -         Jump

    -         Wall slide

    -         Standing 3 Combo Slash

    -         Charged Slash

    -         Walking Slash

    -         Jumping Slash

    -         Dash Slash

    -         Sliding Slash

I can offer flexible hours within reason.
Starting rates begin at $15/H and can be negotiable depending on your skill and experience.

You may contact me through PM or my personal e-mail and discord.


Thank you.

Edit 10/20/19
Find someone a couple of weeks ago but it toke awhile for this post to get approved.

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