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Pixel Art / Some Lady ~ 3/4 portrait
« on: September 19, 2008, 03:38:07 am »
I am actually posting art, see!

I guess it's like I'm revisiting this old one...

...because oh boy it sucks.

I need some critique pretty hard.  Major concerns include:
~colours...evidently washed out, looks much higher contrast in Gale.  Will remedy.
~Anatomy, always.

I am worried about making this too shiny-mannequin looking.  I think I have avoided it so far, but my palette still strikes me as sterile.  Or at least dull.  I'm not sure about this.

Obviously unfinished parts:

Anyway!  Criticism is of course welcome.  I think people are getting very good at picking apart this subject matter, so I expect good things!

I've had enough for tonight but I will peg away at it more tomorrow.

Portfolios / Graham is employable
« on: October 29, 2007, 05:15:32 pm »

I am a 23 year old Canadian pixel artist named Graham Lackey.  I have a lot of amateur experience in various different fields of pixel art.  If you want to see some of my work you can look at my Pixel Joint account here.

I do backgrounds, sprites, and animation and I'm comfortable with any contemporary format.  I am interested in paid contract work.

Feel free to contact me at

Hello everyone,

This semester I'm taking a course in documentary film making.  For the term project, we're making 5 or 10 minute documentaries on a subject of our choice.  Well, I'm thinking of doing my documentary on pixel art.  What I want for this is some interviews or stories; people speaking on the subject, basically.  Audio seems like it would be easiest to use, basically I'd just edit it and arrange various still images to it.  Its sort of cheap, but in this context I think it would be effective.  I have another idea on how to use images, but Ill talk about that later.

What I'm asking for in this thread is if anyone would be interested in speaking about pixel art with me either via a Skype interview or by recording themselves privately and responding to some pre-written questions or just gabbing on thematic lines.  Ideally I'll get a variety of voices like artists, professionals or hobbyists.

Some of the questions Im looking to answer are things like what is pixel art?, why pixel?, what got you interested in pixel art? and so on, in addition to more specific questions depending on who Im interviewing.  The tone of the documentary will be basically expository, it will be to a lay-audience so Ill have to explain some of the esotera, but Id also like to touch on the motivations of artists as well.

So right now I just want to ask around, put the idea out and see if anyone is interested.  If you are interested in being interviewed or talking to yourself and recording it please respond to this thread, or via pm, and then Ill have to decide on my own if I have enough takers to go through with the project (I do have a fall-back plan).  I want to make this really worthwhile!

The other, somewhat ambitious, idea I had for the visuals is to ask participants to do a pixel self portrait as a 4:3 image with frames for the basic phoneme mouth shapes and then I would lip-synch it to the recording.  I think that would look pretty cool, and also add some character.  That might be too much work considering the 4 weeks I have to do this, however.

Anyway let me know if you have any questions, input, or whatever.  I would love to get community feedback on this project.

Pixel Art / rider portrait: work the progress
« on: January 17, 2007, 04:46:22 am »

I'm still working on this but I'm at the point where I could use help.  It's all refining from here on in so I want to make sure the groundwork is firm.  This is sort of a different approach for me and I haven't decided yet if I'm going to clean up the outlines or just remove them as I go.

16 colours, by the way, though I think I'm only at 15 now.

Pixel Art / pixel comic: something dark
« on: October 02, 2006, 03:09:11 pm »

I'm experimenting!  Colours taken from NES palette.  Took me, some time.  The wide frame format is mostly incidental.  Based on the experience of walking in the early morning.

Pixel Art / Pteraman
« on: September 20, 2006, 10:02:44 pm »
Here we are, my first piece on the new board!

Uses a semi-logical palette based on green orange and blue colours evenly spaced across the spectrum (RGB values are all either 128 or 256, so there's a nice symmetry to it).  This took time and labour and love.

Critique is welcome.

To anyone who I know/remembers me, Hello!  I used to be Ironshins.

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