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Hey there!

We are looking for a good pixel artist who could be in charge of a LGTB short film.

We need a commintment, an LGTB+ activist worried about the problem of the homophobia around the world.

The short it's a provocative,
Sayirical humour story against every fucking fascist from around the globe.

The budget is in the topic. Please, spanish speaker are really welcome.

Just for people who wanna be really involved exclusively in tjis kind of project.

If you wanna know more about the project, please contact the screenwriter and director



Estamos buscando un buen pixel artist (se aceptan otro tipo de animadores) que pueda estar a cargo de un cortometraje LGTB+

Necesitamos a alguien comprometido, un activista LGTB + preocupado por el problema de la homofobia en todo el mundo.

El corto es provocativo y satírico.
Una historia de humor en contra de todos los jodidos fascistas de todo el mundo.

El presupuesto está en el topic. Por favor, los hispanohablantes son realmente bienvenidos.

Solo para personas que quieran involucrarse de forma prioritaria y exclusiva en este tipo de proyecto.

Si desea saber más sobre el proyecto, comuníquese con el guionista y director

Hello! We are developing a short film in which part of the action takes place in a Megadrive video game.

The graphics and dynamics of the game, graphically and in scroll-side 2.5D will recreate a kind of streets of rage 2. The designs do not start from nothing, they will be created from sprites of existing game characters, adapted to a character whose movements and appearance will come from photographs. But they will be limited to the number of pixels that a character has in that game, with the palette used in megadrive/genesis.

Who is interested? please contact me at / (I am from Spain)

Currently, we are looking for character /animator, background and monster / Bosses pixel artists.

Hello there! We are looking for professional #pixelart #artists for an animated #shortfilm with a #lgbt #queer background. Please, send a mail to if u wanna know more details. Please, spread the word! Thank u! ✊🏳️‍🌈

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