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Position closed.

Hi, I am making a shmup game and It closes to release. I need to set up a steam store page. So, I am looking for an artist with experience in making steam store assets. I want the assets to feel like a box art of the game.

Assets list.
- Main capsule image * 616px wide x 353px tall.
- Library Capsule * 600px wide x 900px tall
- Library Logo * 640px wide x 360px tall

And these are screenshots from my game.

If anyone interested and accepts payment via Paypal (40% when start, 60% when delivery).
Please send me an email with a quote and portfolio:

Job offers / [CLOSED]Looking for an artist for side-scroll shmup game.
« on: March 14, 2019, 05:47:13 am »
** Position closed, Thanks you **


I am currently developing a shmup game and looking for an artist to help me with art assets. (character design, background, etc)
Also, This job is paid work. You need to estimated cost/ timeline base on the work.

What I am looking for:
- art style that match with my style but better quality.
- work in limit colour palette.
- game resolution is 400*240
- send final-work in .png file and .asesprite file without merging layers.

Here are screenshots of my prototype:

If you are interested in this project. Please contact.

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