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Job offers / [Paid] Pixel artist to draw/correct 512x384 backgrounds
« on: August 06, 2018, 09:03:06 am »
Hello everyone!

Iam looking for an artist who can draw/correct about 10    512x384 backgrounds. Most of the backgrounds are already drawn, so the whole picture should be clear but it needs some correction and some things to add. This part of the game is about flying through some sort of space station on earth. It is some sort of endless level so the backgrounds eventually come back. here are two backgrounds to get better idea:

As I mentioned, backgrounds need a lot of corrections and things to add but the whole idea should be clear. You can also see the style. I like the details, but the details should not be very "pixelated" or not to many different colors.

The work will be paid fairly but first i need some estimation how long would something like this take. If you are interested, It is best to contact me and we will discuss more precisely about everything.

Skype: matija_jarc

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