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Job offers / LF Partner or Contract Pixel Art for a LibGDX Shmup
« on: March 12, 2018, 04:01:59 am »
I'm a passionate indie gamedev working on my first serious title. I'm looking for a 2D pixel artist who is dedicated to become my permanent partner on this project. I'd also accept contract paid either by piece or an hourly rate.

I'm looking for Super Famicom - esque artwork. The game is a shoot-em-up that takes place in water with nearby landscapes. I'm looking for good, immersive graphics and animations that will make the experience seem theme park-y, like a raft roller coaster, as well as interesting, varied themed landscapes that provide contrasting ambiance behind the gameplay. It's OK to get creative here, so if we wanna move from ancient Egypt to Planet Zorgon in the Anteres cluster, it's fine by me, long as it has some kind of a river or other flowing liquid upon which to set the scene :) However, we'll have to fit this in the story somehow. I'm also looking for in line with that chosen theme, sets of enemy sprites, bullets, etc. Pretty much the whole she-bang.

If you're interested in the project and want to join forces, then I'd be willing to pay a little at the start and then set up a % of sales contract. Otherwise I'd be willing to pay by the piece assuming I could get enough to at least get 50% of the way there for my budget, which is what you might imagine for a lone web developer.

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