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Portfolios / Re: [OPEN] PIXEL ARTIST -
« on: February 03, 2018, 12:02:18 pm »
I do have a job in mind, please check here

« on: February 03, 2018, 12:01:46 pm »
I do have a job in mind, please check here

Hello, My name is Xanmoas on the internet and i am currently looking for a Pixel background artist who has what it takes to create exciting and breathtaking backgrounds in pixel art format.

The game is called "Fane and the Devoured World" and its set in a dark time where the world is reduced to a single island and a race called Lagomorphs are on the brink of extinction by the hungry Parasite's that invaded the world. Three years have past and the Parasites are returning to finish what they started.

The game has so far been a long road to create but we need to add flair when it comes to the final demo product and we need the best and the brightest to help us see this through

The requirements for the job are as followed ->
Pixel art experience in backgrounds and foregrounds
Must be appropriate for 32x32 tilesets with 640x360 camera in mind
Experience in creating parallax assets
Able to take criticism and listen to me and offer criticism back.
No lying (Seriously...)
Optional ->
Character animations
Unity programming C#

The game itself is a Action Platformer like sonic freedom planet, shovel knight, owlboy and so on being made with the camera of 640x360 for modern day pixel game design. What that means is that the pixels will be expanded to 720 and 1080 quality. (It doesn't really change the quality of your work just means it be really good for porting to consoles).

The game will be financed Via Kickstarter when the time comes and i hope the work you create can help the game reach its full potential.

Lastly i want you all to send me resumes, Portfolios and Rates that you prefer. I respect payments of artists and it would be rude of me not to see you paid just note that right now i using my own money so if theres times i cant pay you i just need you to wait a while is all.

Please contact for job inquiries and if you are interested. There will be a interview process.

Here are some references to the game i making including a level select map, gameplay prototype videos and a boss video (Note their all WIP)
((Wish i could post images but i couldnt work it out))

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