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Need a pixel artist for tile set background for isometric mobile game.
Must demonstrate a portfolio of original art for environment tile set.
Please be local to the U.S. as we will need to communicate via phone.
Looking to work directly with artists only, no studios please. Thank you.

Pay is $20 p/h (negotiable)

Been having good luck finding the right people so far.

Job offers / [CLOSED] Pixel Artist Animator for Isometric mobile game
« on: November 27, 2017, 10:08:25 am »
Looking for mid-level pixel animator.

Character created, about 6-8 frames 2 directions

Please send me your portfolio and quote if possible. Must have animation experience.
Candidate will animate 1 character, if produced well and timely, then additional work will be assigned.

Pay is $20.00 USD p/h (negotiable)


Thank you to everyone for their emails. I am currently working through them and hopefully will find a good person to work with. I appreciate your patience.

I'm an individual trying to change the current artwork I have for a mobile game to pixel art. This small project is for only 1 character (original art will be provided) and transform them into pixel art, similar to Metal Slug. The game is an isometric strategy, 32-bit.

Looking for an intermediate or above in skill/talent and preferably local to the Los Angeles area.
Please send me your portfolio and price.

If the work is done well and timely, then there is a larger contract offer. (Please be able to accommodate time for a mid size game project.)

Compensation: $20 p/h (negotiable)

You can email me:

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