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Portfolios / 1yr Character Designer
« on: March 12, 2017, 11:50:26 pm »
yall may know me from my nsfw work but i do pride myself in my professional stuff in the fact i used to work for a small indie company outside of Austin, TX. If you live in TX and near the Austin area then awesome maybe we could meet up so you can talk to me. However, im aware that my "username" if infamous for adult content but my real name only few people i know know it. The following will be posted and attached here which will be my portfolio link and example pieces here so that you can see what ive done without looking at my portfolio (though i recommend my portfolio). So i hope any of you consider (just so i can get my father off my back, and to make some munz, whether it be about how much i charge for commish or more) and have high regards in me because i will bring a lot to the table. :y:

portfolio link:

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