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Job offers / 2D (pixel or not) Artist for an Action/Platformer
« on: March 21, 2016, 05:03:37 pm »

The project

Hello everyone !

Gwakamole Studio is a studio co-founded by 4 individuals whose goal is to develop our first game : “Sanjit Legacy”, a 2D action platformer which gameplay is inspired by games such as : Golden Sun, Monster Hunter, Castlevania Aria of Sorrow and Megaman and the Hindu Culture.
If we had to summarize our game using only its most important gameplay elements :

- Boss Fighting : Many bosses will put the agility and abilities of Sanjit to the test during his journey.

- Collectable Soul powers : The abilities Sanjit uses are acquired by collecting the Souls of different types of elements from monsters and Bosses and will allow Sanjit to face the dangers ahead.

- Abilities personalization : The hero will be able to choose his assortment of power from the wide range of souls he’ll have collected along the way to personalize his play style and exploit enemies weaknesses.

- 7 Worlds to discover :  Sanjit will have to roam through worlds corresponding to the 7 primordial elements. Earth, Water, Fire, Light, Sound and Psychic.

- Random World generation : The Worlds are composed randomly making each and every visit unique.

Reflexes, tactics and experience are the gameplay  key components.

Graphical ambiance


We are doing this recruitment following the departure of our associated graphic who, for personal reasons, can’t follow and produce in due time the graphical resources that we need.
We are looking for an artist capable for following in the same line that has already been created, or capable of keeping the same spirit and bringing his own graphic style.

   We’re also looking for an associate, an integral member in the studio creation, capable of being proactive and involved in the project with the rest of the team.

If you’re interested in this project we could talk about a possible remuneration depending on your expectation and our capacity.

For this project we need :
*Various decorative elements
*PNJ and Monsters (around 40)
*Bosses (around 30)

If you aren’t a pixel artist but you’re still interested in this project, we’re open to other graphic styles and will be happy to discover yours.

Contact infos :
Twitter :
Facebook :

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