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Hi all,

I'm looking for someone to do a bit of creative illustrative work, ultimately rendered in pixel art.

I'm sure a lot of you will recognize these guys:

I'm looking to have social media profile images made of me and someone else, based on this art style - possibly based on specific unit portraits, or just generally based on the overall style.

I'm also not looking to have the images I give you just outright copied over into the style. The photos you'll see aren't posed or lit for this. I'd like to see a creative translation - ultimately, the photos of me and the other person should almost be more 'inspiration' than a template you're working off. I'm not looking for how this art style would look skinned over some photos, I'm looking for how some people would look if they were rendered in this art style. The photos are just to show you what the people look like.

Now, of course, back in the day, 46px x 38px was plenty. And while I definitely want to maintain the pixel art aspect of it, I also want to see that resolution increased. It may need to display nicely at sizes up to 250 x 250 px. That doesn't mean the total resolution of the image needs to be 250 x 250, but it DOES mean it has to be distinguishable as good-looking pixel art at that size, and not just a horribly, blocky mess (which, if you size up these icons to 250 x 250, they ARE, so there will need to be a resolution increase). It's also worth noting that while most places will display these inside a square frame, as normal, some special snowflake websites will put it inside a circular frame, so it should look okay in that context as well.

Lastly, this is paid work! I may not be able to quite match the pay a large or professional studio might pay for the same work - I'm a guy, not a company - but I still firmly believe that you deserve to be paid for the work you do. I also know I've asked for a lot of 'creative leading' from you on this, and I know that isn't as cheap or as easy as some deviantART shysters would have us believe :)

With all that in mind, is anyone interested in this work? It's not exactly huge, but hopefully it can fill a few hours - maybe a day or two - of your time.

You can contact me via private message here on Pixelation. This work isn't being done on behalf of any company or studio, just private citizen li'l ol' me!

Job offers / [CLOSED] [PAID] Six Pieces of Jewelry Rendered As Pixel Art
« on: October 25, 2014, 12:55:14 am »
UPDATE: An artist has been found, but thanks to all who sent emails!

Hi all!

My name is Christian, I run my own business called Peregrine Studios. I won't link to it here so as to avoid unfairly marketing on someone else's forums, but you should easily be able to find me on Etsy if you're interested. I design and sell 3D printed jewelry, primarily in stainless steel, but also in precious metals, and I'm also doing my best to move into some actual home-casting as well.

Most of my work is heavily influenced by video games, and when I eventually set up my own website I intend to heavily theme it that way. To that end, the way the website will function, I'll be needing all my products (eventually) rendered as pixel art, reminiscent of old-school isometric video games. At the moment, I'm not setting up an entire website that will require all my products - as a matter of fact, I'm in college for web design, and I'm using a current assignment an an excuse to also experiment with ideas for my own web page. So, to cut to the chase, I don't need ALL my products as pixel art right now, only six of them. You can contact me for the six images you would be using as your reference.

Time is the big factor here. This assignment is actually due this coming Friday (Oct 31) so having the images by Thursday (Oct 30) at the absolute latest would be required. I'm aware a week is hardly a healthy lead time to post a project, but my hands are pretty much tied, so I'm hoping there's someone out there with a lot of free time this coming week!

As the title indicates this WILL be paid work - and, if the art is good, will almost definitely lead to more paid work, albeit at some undetermined future point. The price is negotiable and can be discussed in PM's - as I mentioned, I'm a college student, and we all know that overflowing wealth is hardly one of our defining characteristics. But because it's pretty much a business expense, I will be able to pull together enough to offer fair pay, albeit probably towards the lower end of 'fair'. I would much prefer payment be handled over PayPal, simply for ease of use. I'm flexible when it comes to pricing models - though I personally prefer fixed-rate work (for example, a fixed price per each finished piece of art), I'm willing to pay hourly, assuming your documentation is good.

The dimensions of each piece of art would need to be 128 x 128. In all cases I don't want the background included, only the item of interest.

You can find below an image of the website so far. The pixel art would be in the 'cart' area, replacing the pieces that are there currently. Again, for the full images you would be working from, you can contact me directly, either here, or at

Thanks for reading, PM me if you have any questions or offers, and I hope to hear from you soon! :)

PS: This work is not local, anyone can apply. I would prefer the individual speak fluent English though, simply for ease of communication.

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