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Willing to take commissions with cryptocurrency payments. Can't do PayPal, sorry.

Portfolios / Re: Oleg Klishin 2D game art (pixel and hi-rez) & animation
« on: August 15, 2021, 03:28:16 pm »
Currently available part-time.

Currently available for work and have a new website up:

Portfolios / Re: Oleg Klishin 2D game art (pixel and hi-rez) & animation
« on: August 22, 2019, 08:12:59 pm »
Currently available and also do hi-rez CG art now. Looking forward to hear from you! :)

Available again.

I have an opening for a job creating game tiles and environments. Preferrably no animations.

2018 portfolio update and overhaul.

General Discussion / Re: Ramblethread! A brainstorm approaches!
« on: July 08, 2017, 09:41:39 am »
The images don't correlate to the x-axis perfectly.
I don't think it's a good idea. Will confuse a lot of people, who stumble on this graph by chance. I'd certainly make examples more emphasized to illustrate the point behind this. Eastward and Superbrothers are both very much traditional pixel games, despite having non-pixel effects and lightning on top. Dan Fessler's squirrel mockup is a classic example as well, and should be somewhere in the middle I think. By the way, where does this sample with red mountains and blue forest comes from?

While I was much more of a purist before, now I'm leaning on "whatever makes you tick", which corresponds to broad definition by this chart. I'm still relying on good ol' "caring about individual pixels" definition. Also palette conservation, but in my book "caring" does include this as well. Opinions on border of these will differ from person to person.

On the left side my prime example is Slain! Personally I don't consider it pixel art, though quiet expectedly many will. It's digital art made with hard brushes, so it heavily resembles pixel art. Some sprites are pre-rendered low-poly models. Don't get me wrong, it looks cool.

Index painting would certainly be on the far right side, borderline with digital painting. The real difference is palette conservation, though this border is blurred. How many colors are too many?

Many of modern point-n-click adventures have pixel sprites and low-fi non-pixel backgrounds, that I'll probably put outside borderline definition. But they look pixelated and blurry rather than pixelated and noisy, so I'm not sure about them. Guess they are closer to digital art on the right side?

Most of pixel graphics are made for game projects. I think it's not the purist definition that matter in this case, but rather question "why pixel art?" Cheap could be a perfectly reasonable answer, nothing wrong with that. Nostalgia is also fine. But for me it would be crispness or sharpness. Good palette and color conservation make image pleasant to look at. While crispness not only makes everything very readable, but can also have noticable effect on gameplay, especially in action games. That's why I tend to dislike games that look very muddy and use many shades of grey, but very much attracted to any Nitrome games, since they all look super sharp and perfectly readable, even when scaling and rotating sprites. That's what attracts me to pixel-based games, and in my eyes is one of the main strengths of the medium. Making muddy pixels can convey a certain dirty effect, but I'm not a fan.

Thanks for the answer. I'm still baffled inside concerning many of the things you said. "What's art for me" is the question I'm constantly thinking about, and there's still a lot to think.

Right now I've no freaking idea what art is. I just like pretty pixels and stupid little games. I'm not competent enough in creating stuff, so I borrow those skills from people who are. But you just gave me a new perpective to view things from, thanks.

Not counting erratic early days from 10 years ago, I've started to pixel somewhat seriously since end of 2012. I was heavily inspired by 5734L3R - a project by winged doom / 08--n7.r6-79.84. I've made quite a number of fanarts for it during 2013. People seemed to like it as well as the author himself. I've since taken it all down and currently not displaying it anymore, since I was several times mistaken for the creator of this project. I thought it was not okay to parasitize on someone else's creation.

Yesterday I finished Another Metroid 2 Remake, which put me into extreme Metroid mood once again, and I couldn't resist plunging myself into pixelling. I posted a smaller version of this on twitter, and had much positive feedback about it:

Now I feel kinda guilty about it being a total vierbit rip-off, with a bit of Henk Nieborg. Basically, two of my most favourite pixel artists. Samus sprites are from GBA games. I'm really happy with the results. Awkwardly enough, I'm the biggest vierbit wannabe on the web, and not trying to hide it too much. This style has everything I love about game art: colors, clear forms and good readability. I could store it on my HDD like many other WIPs, but I really want to show it since I love it so far.

References: here and here

I recently did another vierbit impersonation, but that was for April Fool's day on pixeljoint, so I've clearly stated it aftwerwards.

I started pixelling long ago because how "easy" it was, never ever expecting to become a freelancer back in the days. You can zoom in up to 600% and carefully copy it pixel by pixel. If I was not such an icompetent fool, I probably wouldn't have started doing art whatsoever :).

I'm trying to get into traditional and digital HD art, taking private lessons, but it is a really, really long way ahead of me yet. I feel helpless and stupid on big canvas without zooming to those pixels. Can't really get out of mindset of doing exclusively pixel art for the past several years. Up to thinking "how I'd pixel that" when looking at real objects.

I can copy however much I want, but it won't make me a good artist, just a good technical assets creator maybe. Since it's much easier to copy pixel artwork in comparison to HD one, the question is: where lies the line between "inspiration" and "rip-off" on your opinion?

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