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Hey guys,

I am currently building a 2D MOBA RPG game, and therefore in need of a 2D Pixel artist!

What I need done:

Character Sprites (& Equipment)

A Base Default Character (wearing only shorts)
The character should be bald, male, average build, wearing only shorts.
Height: 80 pixels
Width: 50 pixels

Animations (Animated in 8 Directions)
Moving (~4 Frames) – In between a Walk/Run if possible?
Attacking (~3 Frames)
Dying (~4 Frames)

A Great Sword – Animated Same as above – in all directions
A Short Sword
Plate Mail Armor (Covering Chest, Shoulders, Legs)
Gloves – “Fury” Themed –Terms in quotes are used loosely, take them for what you will.
Boots – “Energy” Themed
Helmet – “Dragon” Themed

Effect Animations

Stun Animation (4 Frames) – I was thinking a Gray spiral appears over the characters head indicating that they are stunned, or something similar to this concept.
Sparkle Animation (3 Frames) – This animation occurs when the character Teleports to a new location, in their original place there should be some sort of “Sunlight” or “Sparkle” effect.

The Sprites and graphics should fit a similar theme to the Tileset below.

Please PM me with your Portfolio link as well as your Offer, along with any questions! Thanks for reading guys.

Job offers / [PAID] 2D Vector Graphic Artist Needed for RPG
« on: June 26, 2013, 08:04:37 pm »
Hey there,

I am looking for a graphic artist who can create some RPG sprites for me for a game that is currently unnamed and under it's very early stages of development (waiting on sprites for protype).

The sprites must be made in vector format so that they are scalable. The default size that we will be looking at will be 48px by 64px.

The style of sprite needs to be somewhere between cartoony and realistic.

You will have to create a male characters Head, Body, Armor, Helmet, Shield and Sword. These images must be composed together to create one character but the images should be seperate from one another because there will eventually be multiples of each for our game.

In each of the four directions we need: 1 Standing Frame, 3 Walking Frames and 3 Attacking Frames (swiping of weapon).

You will be creating the games default character. I suggest starting with the characters head and body. (The character can be wearing simple cloth clothing). Then place the items; armor, shield, weapon and helmet onto the character as separate images. Please keep in mind that this character will also be used as a template for other characters down the road. So anything that you could do to help by creating a template for each item first is valued. Even if this means just saving original changes before adding detail to these specific items.

Payment will be made via PayPal. My budget for this project is ~$100.

You may contact me via PM or by posting here.

Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you guys.


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