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Pixel Art / Re: Stylized Hero Sprite and Animation Feedback Needed!
« on: August 12, 2017, 09:13:20 am »
For sword animation I guess it just depends on what sort of animation you're planning. If it's a real basic forward swing i.e. Zelda you could probably just animate the character motion and create several swords under a template to fit in his hand, just placing them in the proper spot for each frame of the animation. If you're thinking of more complex animation like a multi-hit combo, or using different weapon types that obviously increases the amount of work you'd need to do exponentially.

You could create layers in Aseprite, one per sword, and just switch them in or out, although that would be very tedious to create separate character art assets for every weapon. In all likelihood there's probably a good programming work-around to just substitute different weapons in and out, maybe you wouldn't even need a weapon sprite sheet? The Castlevania series starting with SotN definitely made use of a few basic animations based on weapon type for many different weapon sprites, but I'm sure they didn't make a new character sprite for every single weapon.

Before you go worrying about all that I'd just work on a base template, make the animation you want the sword swing to have and either leave the weapon out or put it on a separate layer so it can be removed easily and doesn't tamper with the character sprite. If you want to work on a variety of weapons just do them as a line-up so you can explore different designs. Then, once you reach the point of wanting to have different weapons implemented I'm sure there's resources to find out how to swap in and out weapons onto the character's base animation. Worst case scenario you can always go the old "inventory sprite is unique but the character animation always has the same weapon" deal, though that does admittedly feel a bit lazy.

Pixel Art / Re: Stylized Hero Sprite and Animation Feedback Needed!
« on: August 12, 2017, 08:07:49 am »
Hey lookin' better already! I like how the pauldron's shifting back on his right arm, adds more depth to the animation. Next thing I'd change are the outlines on the pauldron and left arm, there's a single frame on each where it goes from 2 pixels thick to 1 pixel thick and I'd try to keep them consistent, or in the case of the pauldron remove the outline entirely as it moves to the back, then change the left arm so that the outline thins out when it's moving back instead of forward. Hope that makes sense!

Pixel Art / Re: player character for platforming game
« on: August 12, 2017, 07:38:05 am »
Very minor, but on the gun arm when he inhales the outline raising looks strange, like his forearm is growing to meet his shoulder pad. I'd maybe leave the subtle animation on the right arm and remove the outline on the left, or maybe let the arm move outward just one sprite to reveal more of the upper arm, as long as it doesn't look too pronounced or unnatural.

Pixel Art / Re: Stylized Hero Sprite and Animation Feedback Needed!
« on: August 12, 2017, 07:19:33 am »
Heya, first off I like the thick outline, it's a style I enjoyed in LISA so that might be a good point of reference to see some similar art if you haven't seen it already. Past that the main point of improvement I can see being made is in the arms. I sorta see what you went for where one arm lifts before the other but it's too subtle and it just comes off like they're twitching and shrugging out of sync.

I did a really quick edit, I'm not super accustomed to this sort of thing (still plenty to learn myself) so I mostly just tweaked some bits. I removed a couple frames overall as unless you're depicting a fluid range of motion this sort of walk cycle can be done with 3-4 frames (maybe this was just an effect from Aseprite? If you were trying to lengthen each frame, they run at default for 100ms, but you can extend it if you want a certain frame to hang longer by double-clicking the number above each frame). I tried to fix up the arm motion primarily, you do have to be willing to get a little dirty and mess up your initial pose to get a dynamic walk; it seems like you were afraid to move the arms too much which I definitely get, but you do have to work out of that comfort zone to get better results. I also shifted the body armor left and right with the arm swings as an extra bit of motion.

I think that's all I've got. Definitely keep at it, I don't know if it would help you but I've personally been working with larger, static sprites and focusing on stuff like shading, anti-aliasing, color palette selection and the like. Working bigger does take longer but gives you more freedom to work on detailed facial features, clothing designs, anatomy, etc.

Create a 100x100 or 200x200 canvas and then just shape things out, cropping the excess space when you're done. You can always go back and do a low-res version of the character to try for animation afterwards, and you'll have a better idea of the design right there to work off of, just becomes a matter of fitting or foregoing smaller details to make the design work on a smaller scale. Hope all this helps. It's advice from a fellow amateur but better than nothing I guess. ;)

After a good while I've got an update on The Horror and Ulon's designs. Any input/feedback is appreciated!

I appreciate the detail on saturation, will definitely fiddle with colors a little more towards your edit. Some details I don't want to blow up as much like the lips, but the pupil could definitely use a little more prominence. I agree based on past experience about dithering, definitely better for environments, which I also need to push my experience with soon. I'll take a look at some anti-aliasing tutorials and see what sticks for me as well. Thanks for the input! ;)

UPDATE: I implemented some of CFKaligula's suggestions on color and detail as well as a couple extra accessories to make the outfit stand out more. I also added some animation to her face, though with her body frozen in place it looks a bit unnatural.

Next I'll either go to work on some different body poses/animation next or move on to The Horror.

P.S. I don't really know how people tend to organize their color palettes. I sort of mish-mashed mine here together and the transitions seem mostly smooth, is that generally the purpose or am I missing some execution on my palette?

Sorry that's my bad, I should be going one sprite at a time. Mainly I want to know what I can improve/add to the latest design below, so that I can strive for consistent quality when I update the other two character designs. From there I'm mainly just looking for suggestions to improve their designs for when I do their touch-ups.

I feel like I could implement more depth in perspective by learning how to effectively use anti-aliasing, maybe dithering too, that my lines may be jaggy or anatomy may be off-kilter (I mean obviously on the bulbous head but that's intended, more the limb lengths I mean). I'm looking for critique on what could be better with color palette for readability, whether there's too much color or just color in the wrong places, are my pixel clusters okay or should certain bits of shading be moved/increased/decreased? That sort of thing.

Hey folks, I need some pointers on good/bad pixel art practices to improve from where I'm at with anatomy, detailing, color, etc. The leftmost sprite is the first of the redesigns I'm working on, the other two characters I still need to update and touch up.

EDIT: Removed some misc. pieces of art and updated description of what I'm seeking for feedback to make the post less cluttered and vague. Apologies for that  :-[

Alright, sounds interesting! I'm not gonna commit to any projects just yet because I'm not sure I'm where I need to be to do so, gotta practice on a personal basis. Still, I hope you guys find somebody good! Sorry for not stepping up for the offer, I just didn't want to leave you hanging after my last comment.

Could you describe a little more of what sort of art you'd be looking for? Maybe just give an idea for what you'd be expecting style-wise, would you want low/med/hi-res art, is it animation-heavy, would there be more character and creature designs or items or environmental stuff? Give some points to go off of so we know whether or not it's something we feel qualified to jump in on!

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