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I take back what I said before, I didn't hit thick mud, I did hit a roadblock. I keep trying to break up the brick outlines and make the pattern scale down properly but both end up looking really... false. I don't mean to inconvenience anybody, but if you've got some down time could you do an edit to show what you mean by breaking up the outlines. When I try, I make the wall look flat. :-\

And I really wanna get this one done.

Fun fact: late Romans used concrete, so thinking that they couldn't produce near perfect bricks is more far fetched than thinking they could. Also, there was a culture, I think an Andean culture, that used stone to chip stone, and had no mortar, but created perfect fitting blocks for their buildings. Each one was done on the spot, not premade. Not sure what culture it was though. Could have been the Inca for all I know, its been a long time since I brushed up on south American history.

And back on track, the wall isn't meant to look perfectly new, but not old either. When I look it seems like its got just the little bit of weather I'm aiming for, but if you guys don't think so I'd happily work it some more. As of now I haven't quite shit a roadblock, more like thick, sticky mud. I'll keep going till I get a significant enough change to post.

I had actually worked out something similiar Jad, but the things you said confirmed my unsure train of thought and encouraged me to post my progress. Havin a little difficulty when trying to get it scaled down for distance, but I'll figure it out.

Is it lookin' better or is it still too lego?

As for the muscly chieftan, just realized it said full body sprite, so... might redo it as a sprite or just continue as is not for weekly challenge. Or both.

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: Planning first!
« on: March 30, 2011, 03:54:52 am »
It's looking good, you don't appear to be having the bit of block I'm having on my current pieces, though I think I just broke it on one of mine. I think the problem people are having with the hair is that as soon as it falls over the edge it becomes paper. It loses all definition. I also think the crennelations could stand to be a bit smaller. I'm not an expert on fortification but the size of those things seem a little over the top. I think them being smaller would also put a little more emphasis on the woman. Looking good though, nice shading on her.

Did a bit of colour tweak on the sky and tried multiple things to make good looking bricks but they all seem like a step backwards. :( So far this is the best I've got...

Anybody got any tips for good looking bricks? Never done large scale architectural pixels before, and everything I try ends up sucking.

And on another note, I saw the weekly challenge on pixeljoint and decided I'd make an account if I can get this done in time to submit:

I like the basic shape, especially the upper body and arms, though I'm fully open to crits on anatomy, but every time I try to shade him he ends up looking swollen instead of muscular. Any help?

BTW, the bricks are just a placeholder for showing what size I'm aiming for, definitely not a finished product.

Made a Frankenstein of my latest version and the one before that, then began editing along the lines of st0ven's edit. Looking alot better but I'm not sure if it's time to start detailing or if I should block in more things.

Have been having some computer issues so I haven't been on in a while, but wow st0ven, I'll definitely be analyzing those pics. Without being able to see your amazing edit I continued working, but IO think I'll take a step back and work on something like what you've shown. Here's my continued work, but after seeing what you've done I don't like it in the least:

maybe it won't be troy, because what you've done is beatiful without the fire or a giant horse head. Thank you so much for that edit, once again its amazing, I'll definitely get back to work on this piece after seeing that.

My shaded wall also looks like metal...

I wasn't aware they had pinpoint the site, but yeah, its more of an impression of troy than the real thing. Couldn't look at the videos, near my 500 mb limit, but I'll change the colour of the lower half of the wall and make the bricks smaller, like in the panoramas. I'll also make the Windows more square, but I kinda like the mammoth sized crennelations. It's stylized anyway, and Trojan weren't entirely Greek... Or so I'm using as excuses ;) . If I wanted to really show Troy It'd have more towers. And yeah, I'll put the head of the Trojan horse riding up, but It'll probably end up super-stylized this way. Oh well, that's the direction it's going already    :D EDIT, cuz for some reason it added an extra smiley

Pixel Art Feature Chest / GR#047 - Citadel - 3 Point Perspective
« on: March 05, 2011, 01:32:38 am »
Well I started drawing and ended up with the following. As I moved along I decided it was going to be the tall walls of Troy, totally untoughed, with a fire's glow inside at dawn. I know the colours don't exactly scream dawn, and might not fit with the theme at the moment, but right now I'm more trying to put together a style for the piece. As for the wall that actually has bricks as of now, it's soupposed to look ancient and semi-crude but magnificent (therefore huge bricks) and very advanced for its time, like I've always imagined Troy. Not sure if I pulled it off or if it just looks like an inconsistant and crude piece of (future) art. Now every time I try to add definition to this wall its ends up looking like a wall of bulging stones than masonry. Should I add more definition or attach a simplistic palette and style to this one? Possibly more contrast? I have artist's block  :(

Please also point out any mess ups in it. And now I realize I should have been doing it on a neutral BG... next version it will be

PS. Wasn't sure if I should post a new topic, what with my old one still being on the first page, and me not quite happy with it, but this is a new piece, so... you tell me...?

Pixel Art / Re: New Pixel "artist"
« on: March 05, 2011, 01:19:35 am »
You're right Snails, though I tend to avoid using it because I get lazy if I use tricks like that, and some others do to. It's not so much a 'big' no-no as something to be avoided if it can be I guess. But yah, there's the difference of opinion that shows my statement of style being choice to be true. I'll shut up now... :-[

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