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Hi all!

Several friends and I have recently formed a game design studio. We've developed a short proof-of-concept fantasy RPG game using the RPGmaker MV engine and we are considering distributing it in some limited form. We're interested in building future games on the engine, but one of our main goals with this project is to begin connecting with art and music professionals also in the game-making space.

We're interested in adding in some original art to differentiate this game from the generic RPGmaker art assets which it currently uses. Our working plan is to keep the existing overworld assets and pixels in place, but replace all dialogue character portraits and player and enemy combat sprites. The vast majority of this would be static images rather than animated.

The character portraits and player combat sprites would have to visually match up with the existing overworld sprites, but there would be a great deal of creative freedom on the enemy models.

I've assembled the entire collection of RPGmaker art assets that we're looking to replace here:

There is a folder for enemy assets, player combat sprites (the only animated assets), and character portraits. I've also included a spreadsheet which lists all enemies and character portraits with descriptions and notes.

If you're interested in this project, please PM me with portfolio and quote. We're all professionals who have worked with contractors in the past and I'd be happy to provide you with any more information that you'd need. Our current art budget is $400 - 600.

As I mentioned, we're looking at this project as an opportunity to make connections as we begin development on other games.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

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