AuthorTopic: Super Metroid fan remake in need of pixel artists  (Read 112 times)

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Super Metroid fan remake in need of pixel artists

on: June 09, 2017, 07:28:55 am
Hello Pixelation!

My name is Sark and I am currently working on a remake of Super Metroid called FSMR which has been in production for some time now.

To make this as brief as possible, here is a reference to some of the assets already made, the main focus here is Samus and a few custom tilesets:

I'm trying to avoid reusing graphics from the previous Metroid games if possible, though heavy edits are fine in my opinion.
Super Metroid is a huge game and currently I'm the only pixel artist working on it so it's rather overwhelming. I'm preoccupied with Samus's sprites and larger sprites are rather difficult for me to create. On top of how much Super Metroid had to begin with there are certain lore enhancing redesigned areas, new areas entirely, new enemies and bosses, there's a lot planned out.

What I'm looking for are other pixel artists who love Metroid or who want to show the world their amazing art, FSMR needs artist who can create tilesets and tileset pieces (foreground and background objects, some of which may animate like swaying seaweed), enemies, large scale bosses, possibly backgrounds though we are looking to go with high quality digital art. The last thing is someone with Spritelamp experience though that can wait.

There is a possibility that the project could change too, it could turn into its own Metroid story, go completely into animated digital art, or something inspired by Metroid depending on you-know-what-company, so just keep that in mind if interested.

Thank you for reading this post. If you are interested in joining, shoot me an email at with examples of your work and what kind of graphics you'd like to do.