AuthorTopic: Frozen Cow Studios seeks sprite artist for Hero: Sandwich Evolved  (Read 190 times)

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Frozen Cow Studios is a small game studio in Bradford, Vermont.  We've recently had two sprite artists have to bail from our team, so we're looking for someone to design 3 characters for our upcoming demo, "Hero: Sandwich Evolved."  You can find out more about the game from our (very rough) Press Kit here;  basically, it's a spoof on Halo with a Mega Man aesthetic.

We're looking to begin filming a Kickstarter video in mid-May, so we need to have these three characters finished before the end of April.   The characters from our site that we need are:

Master Chef - 32 x 32, needs to have  a running animation, bottom half of sprite should be independent of top half of sprite, and top half needs to have a weapon with the arms independent of the head.  Here's a quick example of the gameplay so that you get the feel of what we mean.  Character design and action poses are in the press kit.

Pickles - think of Jackals from Halo.  Needs a walking animation and a standing still with shield/firing animation based on the sketch from the press kit.

Hunts - think Grunts from Halo.  Also needs a walking animation and a firing animation.  Also in press kit.

While this isn't a paying gig yet, we should be able to compensate you should we get our project Kickstarted.  If you're interested in contributing, please feel free to PM me here, or get in touch with us through our contact form on the Frozen Cow Homepage.  Thanks!