AuthorTopic: Looking for Fellow Pixel Artists {Unpaid; Collab Effort}  (Read 212 times)

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Hey guys, this is Arkenova and I'm looking for pixel artists that I can collab with for my indie title, an 2D action platformer called DragonBlossom. If any of you are familiar with Freedom Planet (which I'm sure you are familiar with since it's been a big hit), that artstyle is the format that I'm pretty much aiming for, however, I want someone to help me change it up a bit more than that (I'm mostly aiming towards the Sonic Advance series but I still want to keep the retro feeling like the classic Sonic games in a sense).

Other inspirations besides Sonic include: Donkey Kong Country series, Klonoa and many others in fact.

A little history: this project has been going on for four years (started in late 2012 - early 2013) as it had been struggling for us to keep up with. In fact, I've been, along with our animator and another individual, had been working on trying to keep up with this and let me tell you, it's not easy for the artists of the group. We're quite limited on what we can work with, especially to the fact that I'm responsible for HUD, mugshots, tiles and other means with artwork. As for backgrounds and enemies, we're quite limited, the guy responsible for the backgrounds has left the team a long time ago and the enemies we have aren't much.

As for the game, it is heavily based off from mostly oriental folklore, mythologies and concepts with some twists, but in short, Ayasuka, the main lead, and her friends are caught up in the middle of a conflict as a mysterious yet ancient evil has been reawakened and threatens the four Kingdoms. However, is there more to this that meets the eye?

You may contact me on here, Discord { Arkenova#5822 }, dA (by NOTE) { Arkenova } or via e-mail: { }. I'll be glad to share the details (story and otherwise).

Oh and one more thing, everything you want on the game's current visuals and stuff is found in the link below:

Interested parties may reply to this or contact me. Thanks!
*Note: May change in the future when I do have funds.
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