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Glad you found a solution.
 :y: :)
Hey folks thank you so much for the detailed advice, this was starting to break my balls ... I figured out a way after my post here, but your method is way better so I will defiantly start to use your method.
I had planned to use flash for a number of promotional things too and this advice will help me in a more general sense too.

I adore those animated chest sprites yaomon17  :)
Job offers / Re: [PAID] Volcano arena for Motor Knights from Hell
« Last post by luckymee777 on Yesterday at 05:54:24 am »
pm sent, ^_^
Hey all!
I'm working on a new piece of software for editing pixel art and I'm almost ready for initial release, but I'd like to get in some extra testing first.

The software is called Pixel Perfect, and it's strongly-palette based, meaning it's easy to switch up and re-palettize your creations simply by changing the color on the current palette, or by swapping out similarly sized palettes. It comes with a number of palettes built-in, but it's easy to make your own as well.

The software's available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Let me know you're interested in testing, and on which platform, and I'll send out some links for the current dev build.
I will require some feedback (both positive and negative), and I'd like some screenshots of your artwork that I could use to promote the software. I will, of course, credit the original artist in any promotional materials I use.  :)
Animation / Re: Quadruped Robot Walking Cycle C+C
« Last post by MysteryMeat on Yesterday at 04:01:13 am »
Mich better! Try some orange barrel glow to draw the eye!
Pixel Art / Re: [C+C] Outrun Inspired Piece
« Last post by MysteryMeat on Yesterday at 03:57:53 am »
Bit empty! Iirc  outrun dots the edges of tracks with palm trees, try adding some of those!
Pixel Art / Bulbasaur Sprite help?
« Last post by Raven Foxx on Yesterday at 03:33:56 am »
i did a new sprite. It's of Bulbasaur again. I'm trying to emulate the Pokemon style of spriting by looking at the official sprite art. This is my image.
I based it off this:
And this:

I also added my own style. is my shading correct? Is it better than my greyscale attempt?
Pixel Art / [C+C] Outrun Inspired Piece
« Last post by zealotlee on Yesterday at 03:10:06 am »

I did this in a couple of hours tonight. Since I haven't had many commissions lately I'm trying to keep my skills sharp. I'd appreciate any feedback you all could offer. Thanks!
Animation / Re: Quadruped Robot Walking Cycle C+C
« Last post by Solace on Yesterday at 02:29:10 am »
Also, that back-most leg is almost invisible and the rightmost one moves slightly faster than the leftmost one it should be synced with!
Theoretically due to the perspective, if the foreleg and hind leg were completely in sync, then the hind leg would be hidden! Of course nothing is perfect, and so I initially moved the hind leg over a bit so it would be easily seen. Anyways, I slowed down the original pace of the hind leg, so it should look more synchronized now!

Another thing I just noticed is that the barrel of the gun seems to hover a bit rather than stay fixed to the orb, if it moves around the orb like that the angle should change slightly to match where it is on the sphere!
Otherwise I'd try to keep it more stable.
I was aware of this, and I kept it's hovering appearance as a stylistic choice. The game this enemy will be implemented in consists of primarily horizontal gameplay, and so I want most of the weapons in the game to be parallel with the ground (weather it be enemies or characters). Since the gun seemed awkwardly attached to the enemy, I found that that part of the enemy was noticed first, and it is the part of the enemy that will shoot at and hurt the player.
Hopefully that all made sence, I may do away with this concept and find another way to indicate that "this part of the enemy is the shooty bit".

Here I kept the base of the barrel static while just the tip jitters.
You can also export to sprite sheets in gale then order the sheets and reimport them as frames.

It is how I got this image
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